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Cross Stitch Supplies – Make sure you have everything A cross stitch project requires at least three things: thread, fabric, and a needle, depending on the card you choose. You may need other materials such as beads or buttons. which is under the general term. Visit https://doitms.com/ for more about cross stitch.

The chart shows all the materials you need to fill out. And it’s best to keep it in stock and make sure you have all the listed materials before starting your project.


You probably already have plenty of yarn and colors suitable for the card. But for big projects, the best way is to buy new. It’s important to make sure you don’t end up with one half.

Because the color may be the same, but you already have inertia and new colors. The color you want, not a combination of different colors.

Manufacturer of same color wire in batch or bulk. These lots are assigned a unique number printed on the label or thread. Another amount of dye means a very subtle color difference. If the paint runs out before the project is finished it can make a noticeable difference when the mess of one lot of paint is sold. And started a new inertia from another paint set.

Therefore, always use the amount of color recommended in the table. Card makers and designers check their cards to make sure they specify the exact number of yards or yarn of a particular color that will be used to make the card. If you want two tubes it is better to separate two tubes at the same time to avoid dyeing the fabric from more than one dye.

If you want two strips of the same color be sure to check the dye label to make sure the color is the same. Click here for learning doitms.com.

Some schemes require threads from a specific brand. If you want a different brand, you can find many color conversion charts online that will tell you what color one brand will be in another. Because the match will not be perfect. It is best to use only one brand of yarn in a project. Unless there is a need to use a special type of yarn that is not produced by a specific brand.

If you decide to change the yarn brand from the chart, check the yardage and strength of the recommended brand. And correctly calculate the number of gauges and needles of the brand you need.

Most wires have 6 wires, that is, six separate wires are twisted together. But if your favorite brand of scarf only has 4 threads, you will need more yarn. Even if the six threads of the chair have the same number of yards

clothing fabric

Cross stitch charts usually tell you the size of the finished design in terms of stitches. The final project size required for blocking, installation and framing is not included.

Some charts recommend using inches based on the amount of fabric used, but not always. You may need to determine how much fabric you need based on the stitches.

Cross Stitch Fabric Count by Number This is the number of holes per inch. Depending on the type of fabric, the holes and seams do not have to be the same.

If the card calls for the same weave, the amount of fabric is always twice the number of stitches per inch. For example, a count of 32 may yield 16 stitches per inch. If the card calls Aida, the count of 16 equals 16 stitches.

To calculate the size of a piece of fabric, divide the number of stitches completed by the number of stitches per inch of fabric to be used.

For example, if the embroidery is 320 stitches wide and is worked on a count of 32, even then the calculation will be 320/16 because knitting is always half the number of stitches per inch. This means that the width of the design is 20 inches.

By calculating the same length, you will be able to calculate the minimum size of the fabric you need.

This is the minimum amount of material required for the design. You will always want more. It depends on whether you want design boundaries or not. And is it necessary to lock and install? You will need at least half an inch more to finish the edges.

For a nice border let’s add an inch on all sides. And to block, brace and frame, add an extra inch on all sides. From the example above, the materials needed for a 320 needle x 320 needle stitch project would be 26 inches square.

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