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5 Major Risks of Water Damage Left Untreated

Water Damage

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Infestations of mould and other fungi, as well as the growth of bacteria, are only some of the potentially major health problems that may arise as a consequence of Water Damage Restoration in Moreno Valley that has not been remedied. Due to the potentially catastrophic consequences of water damage, it is of the utmost importance that the afflicted area be addressed as soon as possible. The following is a list of some of the most critical risks presented by water damage that has not been remedied.

5 Major Risks of Water Damage Left Untreated

 Toxic Mold and Fungi:

After having water damage done to your home, there is a perfect chance that mould will start to develop inside your residence. Mould spores can colonise almost any surface, and they can do so regardless of the material. The newly formed bacteria will cause increased damage to your surroundings sooner they establish a colony there.

Several species of mould are known to generate neurotoxins, which have been linked to various severe respiratory disorders. Suppose you notice any presence of mould growing around the damaged site. In addition, removing the area is recommended if you notice mould growing around the damaged site. You face the danger of future mould development if you do not remove the room promptly and thoroughly clean up any debris that may have been left behind.

Property Damage:

When mould is exposed to water, the potential exists for the growth of bacteria inside the mould. It only occurs if the mould is moist. These bacteria will quickly react to the disturbance in their food supply that is being generated by the development of mould. The growth of the mould causes this disruption. Suppose the foundation of the house is allowed to weaken due to external factors such as the depth of water penetration and the amount of time spent inside the structure. In that case, additional structural damage may be caused outside the walls when levels are higher than the floor level. It is the case when there are higher levels than the floor level. Storms and hurricanes have the potential to inflict water damage to a house, which may result in the flooding of the home’s walls, floors, and belongings. According to research carried out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), most flood victims (85 percent) had significant damage done to both the inside and outside of their houses as a direct consequence of the flood. This kind of water contains chemicals that are generally harmful, such as sand, that may cut through most of the components present within the residence, causing damage to the structural integrity of the structure.

Health Dangers:

Your health is placed in significant jeopardy when you are forced to deal with water damage of category three or above, which may be poisoned. If you consume water that is polluted, there is a chance that you might get sick with a disease such as typhoid fever or dysentery. This category includes conditions that affect the kidneys, lungs, and brain, among other organs.

It is also possible for polluted water to interfere with your immune system, which is critical in protecting oneself from disease and keeping one healthy.If the water supply from which you obtain your drinking water becomes polluted, you run the risk of contracting several unpleasant diseases, including cholera, which causes diarrhoea and vomiting; typhoid fever; scarlet fever, which causes a rash all over the body; and mouth sores. These are just some of the diseases you risk contracting if the water supply from which you obtain your drinking water becomes polluted. And last, there is leptospirosis, a dreadful bacterial illness that may cause severe inflammation, fever, and jaundice in its victims. If the disease is not treated, one symptom, such as the yellowing of the eyes and skin that develops due to an infection with leptospirosis, may cause breathing issues.


Cockroaches, silverfish, carpenter ants, and beetles are some of the pests that may make their way inside a home after it has been damaged by water. Other potential invaders include termites, which are like dry environments. Rats may break into your home to get to the water they’re after. It is unusual to discover earwigs and moths inside a property that has suffered water damage after the water has been cleaned up. Another kind of fly that thrives in moist conditions is the drain fly, which the wet messes may recognize it leaves behind. Drain flies are common.

One of the warning signs that there is an infestation of bugs is wet insulation or carpeting. There is a chance that you may hear scraping sounds coming from inside one of the walls. There is a probability that you will listen to these sounds.

Even if you do not immediately see any bugs, insects can enter your house through holes and fissures in windows that have been broken as a consequence of water damage or floods. It may happen even if you do not see any bugs. If this occurs, Water Damage Restoration Moreno Valley needs to be completed as quickly as possible so that no more damage may be caused!

Electrical Shock Hazard:

After a home has been subjected to water damage, there is an increased possibility of electrical risks. Because its contents remain a mystery, wiring that has been ruined by water is unlike anything else that can be found on earth. Because of this, the risk of it igniting and causing electrical damage, among other concerns, is increased. Oxidation, which is also caused by water, may lead to leaks in your pipes or even shorted-out wires if the issue is not swiftly rectified by an electrician who is skilled and experienced in the sector in which they work.

You should no longer attempt to perform repairs on bad electrical work that you have done yourself! If you hold an extension wire with your bare hands and shake it around while it is wet, you risk getting an electric shock or being electrocuted.

If your home receives any water damage, you should first determine the root source of the problem. If actions can be taken to prevent this, you must get started on them as soon as possible. If you suspect restoring the damage will be beyond your skills or if you cannot pinpoint where the water damage started, you should seek the services of a professional Water Damage Restoration in Moreno Valley.

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