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Why Choose Natural Dried Flowers 

Natural Dried Flowers

Natural dried flowers are the right choice for anyone who is looking to add a touch of beauty and nature to their home. Unlike fresh flowers, which easily fade and die within a week or two, dried flowers offer a long-lasting shelf life even lasting for years. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes allowing an individual to find the right blooms to match their style and create a stunning arrangement. 

The benefits of dried flowers are not just aesthetics, but much more than that. They require minimal maintenance, removing the need for constant watering and care like fresh flowers. They are sustainable in nature often made from locally grown flowers and require no water or harmful chemicals to preserve their beauty.

How dried flowers are made?

Dried flowers can be made in several ways but the simplest of them all is air drying. In this process, flowers are bundled together and hung upside down in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated area. However, this method takes time but is effective in preserving the natural shape and colour of the flowers.

If you want to speed up the process, use silica gel and submerge flowers into the gel. Silica gel helps in absorbing the moisture out of the flowers leaving them with a more vibrant color only in a few days. Another method of frying flowers is to press them between heavy books, this method is used by most of us in our childhood to create beautiful dried flowers.

How long will dried flowers last?

Dried flowers can last for months or years if kept in a cool, dry place and with proper care. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not wilt and die. It keeps on maintaining its shape and colour and you don’t have to frequently replace them with fresh flowers. They offer a permanent way to enjoy the beauty of flowers. They are biodegradable and does not leave a carbon footprint behind while they can be composited. 

Types of Dried Flowers and Uses:-

Dried flowers aren’t just for decoration in vases, they can be used for crafting projects like potpourri, DIYs and even for wreaths. They can easily be used in soaps, candles, scrubs, and jewellery for the unique touch of aesthetics.

  • Dried Rose Flower

Roses are a classic representation of love that evokes a sense of passion in a person. Dried roses can be easily incorporated to create a beautiful arrangement. They come in a wide variety of colours from deep red to soft pink. Dried rose flowers can be used in bouquets, potpourri, sachets, soap making, bath bombs and wreaths. 

  • Dried Lavender Flower

Most of us are aware of the numerous benefits of lavender for skin care, mental health, and hair care. These dried lavender flowers are not only beautiful but fragrant as well. They can be used in potpourri sachets to freshen up a room or closet. Dried lavender can be used in tea, soup, and stews. 

  • Dried Hibiscus Flower

They are available in vibrant shades of red, pink, and orange. They can be used in whole arrangements or only in wreaths. You can also crush the petals to use them in potpourri or even in herbal teas. Hibiscus tea is widely famous by the name of red zinger with tart and tangy flavour. 

  • Dry Rose Petals

Dry rose petals are versatile ingredients for crafting. Rose petals can be used to craft rosewater at home. They are used in various cooking and cosmetic products.  

  • Dried Lotus Flower

Dried lotus flowers are beautiful and symbolic flowers which can be seen in many cultures. Lotus are a popular ingredient in potpourri blends. Its petal can be used in bath bombs, DIYs, or for decoration arrangements.

What is special about dried flowers?

Everything is special about dried flowers. They do not require much care, time leaves a limited ecological footprint, have no seasonal restrictions, conserve water, and emit lower carbon emissions.

  1. No seasonal restriction 

Dry flowers can be found in every season be it rainy, summer, winter, or autumn. VedaOils Dried flowers are gathered once a year after the dehydration process they are sold throughout the year. This leads to a reduction in dependency on greenhouses along with flower imports.

  1. Reduced ecological footprint

As they are dried flowers there is no requirement to keep them fresh compared to fresh flowers as they instantly need to be transported and kept cool. This process utilises a good chunk of energy. This procedure is not required for dried flowers which creates a significant impact in the reduced ecological footprint. 

  1. Water conservation

Dried flowers are not kept in water, unlike fresh flowers that require water to not wilt away and die. This way dried flowers are a lot easier to handle and conserve water.

  1. Minimal waste production

These dried flowers does not require to be replaced after a while and do not wilt resulting in zero to minimal green waste production. Dried flowers are reusable and one can make paper out of them. 

  1. Lower carbon emission

As these flowers are locally available and require less transportation emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Focusing on this point, makes them a favourable choice emitting lower carbon emissions in comparison to fresh flowers. 


Let’s opt for dried flowers not only are they gorgeous but last so much longer than fresh flowers. They also help in preserving natural resources making it a sustainable option. Dried flowers can be used for potpourri, wreaths, candle making, soaps, lip gloss, bath bombs, bath salts, and numerous DIYs.

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