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Segway: how to choose the perfect two-wheeled vehicle for your needs?


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Modern mobility is electric and eco-friendly. The Segway, along with electric scooters and hoverboards, is one of the most popular alternative vehicles capable of revolutionizing the classic mobility concept.

But what is a Segway? It is an innovative means of transport that exploits the combination of technology, mechanics, and information technology. An electrically-powered, two-wheeled, single-seater, and self-balancing vehicle. It is silent, ecological, and safe and is activated simply by following the driver’s movements. It is aesthetically a mix of the scooter, electric scooter, and hoverboard: it is formed by a platform with two parallel wheels and a central handlebar. Its shape is also called the “electric chariot scooter,” remarkably similar to the chariot used in Roman times.

The invention of the Segway is due to the inventiveness of the engineer. Dean Kamen with significant funding from visionary Steve Jobs. So already, in 2001, the electric chariot entered the sustainable mobility market.

How to segway work

The Segway works thanks to two electric motors and can reach an average speed of 20 km / h with a range that varies from 30 to 40 km, depending on the model. Several types are very different in price and performance. The alternative scooter can be used by people of all ages (however, it is recommended to be over 16 to ride it) and does not require special maintenance. The maximum weight supported is about 120-150 kg.

The Segway is the perfect vehicle for getting around the city: the ergonomic handlebar makes it comfortable, practical, and safe! The LCD screen mounted on the handlebar allows you to keep under control the values ​​of speed, range, and battery level. Many tourist cities offer a Segway rental service to visit sites and monuments, avoiding travel by public transport. This vehicle drives quickly on any road, even on grass or gravel.

Let’s find out how to drive and which are the best-selling models on the market.

Segway how to choose the model

How do you ride a Segway?

Driving is effortless: the handlebar is the key to all movements! To use it, move the handlebar in the direction you want to go.

To get it started, you need to tilt the handlebar forward: the flexible column allows you to transmit the impulse to the control unit and start the engine. On the contrary, to brake, it will be sufficient to move the handlebar backward, i.e., towards your body.

Even to turn, the mechanism remains the same: move the handlebar in the direction of the curve. In the first Segway models, it was necessary to operate two small knobs on the sides of the handlebars. In the final vehicle, the knobs are no longer present, thanks to the insertion of the flexible column.

The key feature of this vehicle is self-balancing; unlike the single electric wheel, the Segway is one of the safest and simplest alternative vehicles to drive. The handlebar with a flexible column is designed to make it easy to use the Segway and to prevent the driver from losing his balance even when the vehicle is stationary.

Segway models and prices

Segway price? The cost of the intelligent scooter varies by model. There are two types of Segways:

Segways I2 is specially designed for city travel. They have small dimensions and are characterized by thin silicone wheels. They are the ideal solution for moving on regular and smooth terrain, such as tar and asphalt.

The Segway XTs are designed for travel on uneven and lightly traveled terrain. They are the favorite choice of those who love fun and speed. They have robust and resistant tires, suitable for mountain trails and adventurous trips.

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