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Which is better: an arranged marriage or a love marriage?


From time immemorial, love marriages have been considered taboo in many countries. When they complain about wife yelling at me, love marriages are blamed in such a scenario. On the contrary, arranged marriages are the best way to live a healthy married life forever. But there are many paradoxes to this notion of people where arranged marriages face trials and tribulations. People who are married in an arranged affair also face problems living together in a matrimonial marriage. So here we will discuss this matter in depth that is best out of set and love marriage to live happily.

Does arrange and love marriage concept affect a relationship?

It is a total waste of time to discuss such a trivial argument as it does not affect much whether you are in arranged or love marriage. It is not going to affect your relationship in any way. The social stigma associated with love marriages is just an ideology of the society which has nothing to do with the stability and happiness of a marriage relationship. Many other factors decide whether you will be happy or sad in your marriage. Sticking to such useless facts is not worth it when finding out how we can live a happy married life.

Why do people say arranged marriages do not end?

Some people always come up with the statement that arranged marriages are more stable than love marriages. As per their ideologies, couples who do not listen to their parents and respect their feelings can also not listen to their in-laws. But that is not the point in actuality. As we can see, many arranged marriages are ending at a dead issue. The chances of breaking any marriage bond depend on other factors, not love and arranged marriages. It is insane to give such guesses based on the trivial concept of set and love marriages.

Can we see evidence of more respect in an arranged marriage relationship?

Respect is essential when it comes to living a healthy and cheerful life. It is okay to accept that arranged marriage can bring a lot of respect towards each other. But we cannot say that love marriage are full of disrespect towards the partner. In both scenarios, there are equal chances of respect and disrespect, and we cannot give such judgments based on the type of marriage. Sometimes arranged marriages have to see a terrible phase and vice versa. So it is not appropriate to say that arranged marriage brings more respect toward the partner than a love marriage. In both conditions, we can expect equal chances of getting care.

Arranged marriage vs. love marriage, which is best?

So if we compare the two types of marriage, that is, love and arranged, both are best. Arranged marriage brings a calm and managed affair that does not hurt anyone in the family. At the same time, you can get the support of your family, both sides, wife and husband. In such cases, if the couple has poor understanding towards each other, the family helps them to build it. On the other hand, love marriages are not accepted everywhere. So you have to struggle now and then to make a bond with your partner with the best mutual understanding. At the same time, you have to work to win the hearts of families. To cap it all, both marriages are best if the couple is happy to live with each other.


So we can conclude to the point that both types of marriages are best whether it is love or arranged. The only issue you have to keep in mind is taking care and respect for each other. Do not fight in an unhealthy way to bring your relationship to a bitter note. If possible, make sure not to take your fights too long. At the same time, try to clear your misunderstandings regularly to avoid a battle between you. This way, you can live a healthy relationship with your partner without bothering about the type of marriage. Arranged marriage can save you from getting social taboo but it does not means that they are best than the love marriages.

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