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Want To Buy A New Car in Dubai? Follow These Amazing 7 Tips

Want To Buy A New Car in Dubai Follow These Amazing 7 Tips

If you buy new car in Dubai, remember that it is relatively more complex than in any other country. It is not because of any terrible system but because of the massive availability of car options. Just think that more than 60 car brands and thousands of cars are popping up for sale in the market every day. So, you really need plenty of tips to make a wise decision when you go to the market to buy a new car.

Without wasting time, let’s head to the actual topic of the day to guide you with buying tips that will help you extend your car life. So, remember not to keep the whole focus only on new car prices in Dubai. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind while purchasing a vehicle.

Tip 1: Research Yourself

Before heading to any dealer or deciding to buy a car, researching the car makes and models you are interested in is essential. When you start your search for buying a new car, it should be focused on the topics:

  • Overall Vehicle Value
  • Reliability and Durability of Car
  • Is it a perfect match for you and your family
  • Drawbacks of the car model

Investing in research is a bit time-consuming, but believe it doesn’t go hasty when you make a deal. Moreover, to get an idea about people’s experience with the car, you can also read reviews by actual owners of vehicles in the past. Thus, it will offer you a deep insight into the car without going anywhere.

Tip 2: Survey Your Surrounding

Even if you think you have decided which car you should purchase, consulting seniors or prior product users can make your purchase even better. So, never stop hunting and searching for potential investments and discussing them with people around you.

However, it might occur that you don’t like any particular aspect of your first choice. So, keeping the second alternative on the list is always good practice to be on the safe side.

Tip 3: Decide Your Budget

Before starting your research, you need to ask yourself, what is your budget to purchase your new car? Buying a new car is a life-changing decision and requires lots of investments as well.

When you decide on your dream car, the second step should be to look at the new car prices in Dubai and question whether you can afford this car or not. After all these activities, keep in mind that your monthly income is enough to afford car expenses. Professionals advise you never cross the budget even if you fall in love with a car exceeding your budget.

Tip 4: Always Inspect and Go for Test Drive

You would be really excited and hasty to purchase your dream car. But once you’ve found the right choice, inspecting the vehicle properly before clearing the payment is vital. You should sit inside the car and check how comfortable you are while driving the vehicle. Your test drive should be based on the seat comfortability test, driving quality, etc. Each and everything of the car should be of top-notch quality if you plan to have a long-term relationship with the vehicle.

Besides evaluating personal aspects, you should also check several things about the company you purchase from, like whether they are located in the correct place. Check how long they have been working in the market and whether they are listening to your requirements or not.

If you are purchasing a car for personal purposes, remember that your family will also sit in your new car, so make sure it has enough space inside.

Tip 5: Negotiation Can Save You More

Never hesitate to negotiate new car prices in Dubai as every dealer always has a margin to adjust. It is not meant to drop the cost of the car too low, but you can propose half of the tagged price. If you are purchasing the vehicle from the dealer, check for car promotions.

At times they may not decrease the price tag of the car, but they will definitely add valuable free stuff in the warranty. Last, remember that negotiation is quite a norm when buying a new car in the UAE.

Tip 6: Depreciation

Depreciation is the most critical point to consider while purchasing a car. As soon as you buy a vehicle, the next activity should be to drive the car for a few 100 Km. According to experience, it shows cars that are purchased at an affordable price tend to depreciate slowly in comparison to expensive cars. Here is the list of a few automakers that have low depreciation:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Lexus
  • Nissan
  • Ford

Car models that never depreciate are relatively expensive when they are brand new. These cars are mainly hypercars, enthusiast cars, and capped production runs.

Tips 7: Car Expenses

Petrol prices in Dubai are comparatively lower to other countries. However, this does not mean you are encouraged to purchase a 5.7-liter V8 car. For instance, if you are driving the vehicle at an average distance, you would be required to refill the tank twice a week. But it can definitely be heavy on the pocket, according to your routes.

The expenses of a new car do not end here. It comprises future maintenance and services cost too. However, popular new vehicles don’t have high maintenance costs in the UAE as all the spare parts are readily available.

However, this can add up even if they are cheap, depending upon your car model. European-manufactured cars usually have expensive maintenance expenses. In second place comes the American vehicles.

After you own your new car, you will be liable for the services of wheel balance, tire rotation, oil change, AC fixing, and oil.

Summing it up

So these are a few of the basic tips to buy new car in Dubai. Are there any more tips on your side?

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