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How To Write A Good Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a sentence written briefly to showcase the main idea of a research paper or an essay. It is usually written towards the terminal part of the introduction paragraph. Thesis statement slightly differ according to the type of the paper being written or the type of essay. It is very critical that the thesis statement should be written in a clear language. The reader should get the complete idea about the topic being covered in the particular essay. Everything introduced in the content of the paper should relate to the main idea expressed in the thesis statement. 

Needs of a Thesis Statement

Steps for Writing a Good Thesis Statement

  1. It is always better to have some background or initial statements ready which is known as working thesis. It is developed in the early phase of the writing procedure. It is important to decide on the statement in the early phase. So that the rest of the paper can be written accordingly as both needs to be related. 
  2. After deciding on the topic of the essay, outline some working thesis. Then, some preliminary research might lead to the development of tentative questions. These questions are usually quite simple. But hold immense importance as it guides the rest of the paper, as well as the writing procedure. 
  3. The most important aspect to be considered for answering the questions are “why” and “how”. Why a certain explanation is an answer of a particular question? And how does it convince the relation with the thesis statement?
  4. After deciding on a particular statement, refining the chosen statement is very important.

Questions that should be answered in the thesis-

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Another thing, which is important to be considered, is writing the thesis statement according to the type of essay being written:

Criteria for a Good Thesis Statement

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