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An Investigation Of The Weped Fs Electric Scooter


The WEPED GT 50e is among the most aesthetically pleasing and solidly constructed electric scooters we’ve had the pleasure of testing. This electric scooter has large, 14-centimeter-wide kart racing tires and is primarily made of machined metal and carbon fiber.

The Wiped GT 50e is an electric scooter that performs and looks like an F1 vehicle. The Wiped GT 50e is a one-of-a-kind scooter made by hand in Korea. It is exceptionally well made and of high quality. Metals from components with CNC machining are widely used. The scooter is almost sculptural in its unflinching allure.

One interesting point of differentiation for the GT 50e (and other Weped scooters in general) is the level of customization available. Options include a thumb throttle, more lighting, hydraulic brakes, and improved suspension.

Batteries Samsung INR21700 50E

The Samsung 50e 21700 batteries that run the GT 50e have a C-rate of almost 2, a continuous output of 9.8 amps, and a storage capacity of 5 amp-hours per battery.

Their highest current output is 14.7 amp (though not sustained). They are therefore perfect for providing fuel to the electric motors at the time of maximum acceleration when they are operating at their full capacity.

Finally, the Samsung 50e batteries are predicted to retain 80% of their capacity even after 500 charges and discharges. This suggests that you should be able to travel more than 6440 kilometers using the rated range before the battery is seriously depleted.

Braking Overview

Drum brakes with front and rear cable controls are a novel addition to the weped fs, a high-performance scooter.

Drum brakes are a powerful braking system even though it is not our preferred one. The scooter can be stopped at a speed of 24 km/h in just 3.0 meters of total braking distance, according to our tests.

We think that this involves both the braking system and the high-performance tires, which allow for quick deceleration without losing traction.

Ride Quality

The GT 50e has suspensions in both the front and back. Often, the suspension is rigid and designed for street performance. This metal stallion is designed to keep you stable as you soar over the ground, even though it won’t offer much distance.

The front suspension is an amazing feat of engineering. This coil has beautifully crafted articulating arms. The disadvantage of this design is that it uses more of the deck’s already limited space.

The rear suspension is more straightforward, consisting of two sizable rubber bumpers and a pivot point. With this design, weight is reduced while stiffness for performance is increased and road imperfections can still be softened.


Due to its 35 kg weight, the WEPED is not very portable. However, it does have a stem that can be folded and locked into position. The WEPED’s branch resembles a blade and is not shaped in an ergonomic way for lifting.

The reliable folding mechanism is controlled by a pin with an overside gold anodized surface.


The cockpit of the GT 50e is uncomplicated and includes a brake lever, an LCD screen, an EY3 trigger throttle, and a few controls to alter or restrict the motor output.

The trigger-style throttle is uncomfortable to operate for long periods because your finger is in an extended position. Fortunately, WEPED sells a thumb-style throttle as an additional accessory.


The GT 50E scooter practically drips with serious swag lighting. On both sides of the wheels, there are multicolored LED decorations. A red light is located in the back, directly above the carbon fiber fender, and serves as the taillights, which shine both backward and to the sides. Even the painted WEPED logo on the chassis side is lit up with colorful “swag” party lig