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Why You’re Not Seeing Results From Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening may be an easy and affordable way to brighten your smile, but have you ever thought about why it doesn’t work? If you’ve tried using teeth whitening products or even had it done in the dentist’s office and not been satisfied with the results, you might be making one of these three common mistakes.

You Only Did It Once

I just did it last night and my teeth are not as noticeably whiter. However, there has been some sort of change. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will look when my teeth start to break through the enamel more so that the whitener can work its magic. So I’ll keep you posted on that!

It Didn’t Last Long Enough

The reason you feel like teeth whitening wasn’t working is that there’s a major factor that you missed. Some things will lessen the duration of your teeth whitening result; Smoking, coffee, and can cause discoloration on your teeth which will make it harder for your whitener to penetrate. Stress, antibiotics, and hormone changes can also cause temporary discoloring. All these factors play a role in reducing the effectiveness of your tooth-whitening treatment and may have contributed to why you felt that it wasn’t working.

There Wasn’t Enough Time Between Treatments

The truth is, when it comes to whitening teeth, most product is designed to deliver a quick whitening effect. However, this isn’t meant as a solution that lasts long term. The long-term answer is usually in your tooth enamel by cleaning and remineralizing the surface of your teeth. While many studies have shown evidence that a low concentration peroxide gel can help break down bacterial plaques at the surface of the tooth, it isn’t powerful enough to penetrate through stains deep in your tooth enamel where they originate. Thus, this will give you a short-term whitening fix but nothing more.

The Bleaching Gel Isn’t Strong Enough

Many of the tooth whiteners on the market now use hydrogen peroxide, as it is much stronger than other solutions. While some store-bought solutions may boast 30% concentrations of this agent, be sure to check how strong the solution is before you buy. If you find that your toothbrush is becoming saturated with gel in just a few seconds, it’s possible that the whitener isn’t strong enough. For example, Crest 3D White has an ingredient list containing more hydrogen peroxide than other brands but still only states 15% on their website. (1) It seems like they are aware that they offer something different from their competitors and don’t want to state a higher concentration than what could be offered elsewhere.

Your Teeth Are More Yellow Than They Appear To Be

I’ve been a longtime user of Colgate’s white teeth whiteners. I brush twice a day and floss regularly with Colgate. It makes me cringe when I see photos of myself with my yellowed teeth, it’s embarrassing and unflattering. The worst part is that if someone needs to brush their teeth they can’t borrow mine because they’ll be able to tell the difference in the color! Anyway, I wanted to write this blog post because, after all this time, it doesn’t seem like there’s been any change at all to my teeth.

Natural Stains On Your Teeth Aren’t Going Away Fast Enough

Your teeth aren’t just yellow because of stains, but also because of a mineral in saliva called iron oxide. The salt-and-pepper look isn’t caused by years of coffee and tea stains alone, but also due to traces of staining minerals left behind. White strips only polish the surface layer of your tooth enamel and these bleached areas are easier to spot against an otherwise darkly stained mouth. In other words, if you want brighter teeth with visible results, it’s not always enough to use home teeth whitening or over-the-counter products such as Crest Whitestrips, Biotene Oral Rinse, or Colgate Diamond Clean Toothpaste.

There Are Deeper Issues With The Tooth Enamel

People often think of teeth whitening as a relatively simple process. Studies have shown that it’s the tooth enamel that is primarily. Responsible for the color and overall appearance of a person’s teeth. Discoloration, tooth wear, aging, and smoking can all cause problems. With the dental enamel which in turn affect how white one’s teeth are.

In general, people should be able to see some form of improvement after undergoing a course of treatment with a dentist or other dental professional. Even if there doesn’t seem to be any discernible difference in color, brushing one’s teeth at least two times each day and using special products for oral care can go a long way in staving off future issues which could affect the mouth or gums.

A Professional Visit Was Needed Instead Of DIY Treatments

As much as we wish it was the case, teeth whitening isn’t a one-night fix. Your teeth are darkened for two main reasons. Extrinsic factors (e.g. smoking, drinking coffee) and intrinsic factors (e.g. hereditary genetics, food residues). So what’s the difference between these two factors? Extrinsic factors generally show visible results in just a week or two after an application. Whereas for intrinsic darkness you’ll need to wait about 10 days for significant lightning to occur.

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