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What Is an Offset Shower Enclosure?

Offset Shower Enclosure

Showers are preferred over baths by many people. Perhaps, a shower area that is fitted with a glass enclosure is the best way to transform the looks of your bathroom. However, when it comes to fitting a perfect cubicle for your bathroom, you are faced with difficulty in choosing the most appropriate option for you. The most common options available in the market include quadrant, offset quadrant, rectangular, and square enclosure. And you may also have a customization option available too. While making the right choice entirely depends on where you want to fit it, you should know about their differences. Among all these choices, an offset shower enclosure is something that is less common. But a perfect choice if you want a spacious shower experience.

In this article, we are going to discuss helpful information about offset cubicles.

Difference Between Quadrant Shower Enclosure and Offset Shower Enclosure

“An Offset Shower Enclosure is pretty much similar to a quadrant shower enclosure”. Perhaps it is a variation in its design that is sold as a separate product. Like quadrant, it has a curved frontage but has asides a bit larger, making them relatively stretched and bigger than the standard quadrant cubicles. In other words, it is a kind of combination of square and quadrant shapes that allows a bit extra shower space for you. So, it can be a choice when you have a bit extra room available and an even better shower experience. Because it is almost like a quadrant shape, most people call them an offset quadrant shower enclosure.

Why Prefer an Offset Shower Enclosure?

Different shower enclosure shapes are suitable for different situations and bathroom layouts. Therefore, it is important to understand why an Offset enclosure should be preferred?

Bigger Shower Area

The first advantage of an offset shower enclosure is due to its design. Because it has a curved front with a bit extra square shape cubicle at the back, you can enjoy a spacious shower experience. Perhaps, among all enclosures, you will enjoy the more space in such a cubicle shape.

Attractive Design

Many people choose shower enclosures because these looks are modern and attractive. Perhaps, it is considered the easiest way to upgrade the bathroom looks. An offset shape is unique, and a bit different from the rest, immediately attracts the attention of anyone entering the bathroom.

Perfect For Corner Fittings

Although you may not prefer an offset shape for the small bathroom, as a standard quadrant enclosure is a suitable choice for it, you can perfectly fit into the bathroom corners. It will help you space that is important even for medium to large size bathrooms because it will make your area look sleep and elegant.

Easier Maintenance

Taking care of your shower enclosure is as important as any other bathroom fitting and fixture. However, when it comes to enclosure cleaning and maintenance, the most part consists of glass. You will need to clean it regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and soap scums. Different enclosure shapes have a different amount of glass to clean. The great thing about offset shape is that there is relatively less glass used that you would need to clean and maintain.

Luxurious Looks

Modern bathrooms are all about a luxury look and added functionality. What’s the benefit of having an enclosure? It does look good as per your expectations. In comparison to other shapes, a curved front is not only unique but perfect for a bathroom where you want to create a luxurious look.

Availability Of Sizes

Bathrooms can be small, medium, or large sizes with standard to odd layouts. Therefore, there is a need for an enclosure that is available in various sizes so you can choose a perfect match as per your requirements. The offset enclosures are available in different sizes that can be installed in all sizes and types of bathrooms. For example, you can choose any size between 700mm to 1200mm, depending on the space available.

Suitable For Any Bathroom Layout

Sometimes, it is difficult to fit a standard shape enclosure due to the bathroom layout, or these may simply not look good in any such space. An offset enclosure can be a suitable choice for any situation that can perfectly fit into any odd layouts.

Final Thoughts

An offset shower enclosure solves your problem of the need for a quadrant shape enclosure but with a bit more space. These are relatively spacious and offer a better shower experience than a standard quadrant cubicle. Both have almost the same advantages that we have discussed in this blog already.

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