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Metal vs. Plastic: Which Tool Box is better?


Good tools need a good toolbox in which to be stored, and whether the number of tools you own ranges from ten to more than a thousand, it is still important to have an effective method of ensuring that your tools are kept safe, secure and in optimum working condition. 

However there are many different toolboxes out there and with many made from metal such as stainless steel and others made from plastic, how do you know which is best and which you should choose?

The advantages of metal tool boxes

A properly constructed sheet metal tool box can offer a tremendous amount of storage capacity within a fairly small package. Many toolboxes that are bought off the shelf are constructed of either sheet aluminium or stainless steel, and the latter is usually the preferred choice. 

There are a number of advantages that come from making use of stainless steel metal tool boxes. 

Stainless steel metal tool boxes are almost completely immune to corrosion and rust, even without the added protection that can be afforded by powder coatings and rustproof paint. This means that a metal tool box makes for a superb long term investment and will not break down early due to moisture, something that is particularly useful for toolboxes that are often stored in areas such as garages, sheds or even outdoors. 

Stainless steel metal boxes are also very strong and durable, and are suitable for rougher working environments as they are less likely to become damaged or dented. They are very much favoured by mechanics that often make use of heavy tools that could easily damage more fragile toolboxes. 

Stainless steel metal boxes are also surprisingly light as they are made using very thin sheet metal. Their durability and resistance to rust helps these metal boxes to maintain their resale value for many years.

The advantages of plastic tool boxes

Plastic tool boxes have a number of advantages over their metal tool box competitors. For one thing, plastic tool boxes are very lightweight, certainly much more so than metal tool boxes that are made from aluminium, but they are also less expensive than is the case with metal tool boxes. 

Plastic tool boxes are also rustproof and will not chip, dent, sag or peel. The reality is that anything that can be made out of stainless steel or aluminium can also be made out of plastic, and many well known tool and accessory firms manufacture high quality tool boxes and storage containers for the likes of job sites, pick-up trucks and workshops. 

A rigid construction grade plastic tool box is a viable alternative to metal tool boxes and comes in a number of grade levels in order to ensure that they fit all price ranges. 

Some plastic tool boxes have most of the same features found in high quality metal tool boxes such as large handles, and wheels. 

Plastic and metal tool boxes are both widely available and in the end it is up to the individual to decide the material and the price range that is best suited to their needs. 

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