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What Is a PEO and How Will It Help Your Business?


With increased competition, organisations are finding it hard to recruit employees. People believe that conducting a test and finding the right employees is the only challenges. However, there are several administrative tasks associated with hiring for companies. These administrative tasks can be cumbersome and a burden for organisations. For example, companies have to file taxes on behalf of employees. Filing taxes becomes complex for new employees because they know nothing about it. To overcome such challenges, businesses rely on PEO services. Read on to understand how a PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) helps a company with hiring-related tasks.

Understanding the role of a PEO

As discussed above, many administrative tasks are associated with the recruitment process. Often, companies are not aware of these administrative tasks. Some of these tasks are mandatory for organisations in different geographical locations. Some administrative tasks related to recruitment are made compulsory by the state or local authorities. If a business ignores compliance tasks associated with hiring, it might invite legal troubles. Since recruitment itself is a hectic task, companies do not have the time to complete the associated administrative tasks.

To complete the tasks associated with hiring, companies rely on a PEO. Local PEOs help small businesses to complete all hiring-related tasks. There are big CA firms that offer global PEO services. With international PEO services, a foreign company can enter a local market for hiring workers. All employee-related administrative tasks are outsourced to a PEO. While the in-house HR professionals find the top talent, a PEO completes the administrative functions on behalf of the company. Meanwhile, business owners and managers will have the time to focus on business growth and continuity. Let us now understand employer-related tasks completed by a PEO on behalf of its client.

How a PEO helps a company with employer-related tasks?

A PEO offers a wide range of services and solutions to clients. Here’s how a PEO helps companies with employer-related tasks:

Helps with an entry into the new country

Let us say a foreign firm is trying to enter India to hire top talent. HRs of the foreign firm might know nothing about the Indian labour laws. In such a situation, the recruiters will be throwing their hands in the dark. Legal complexities can even increase the duration of the hiring cycle and burden on HRs and managers. Before planning entry into a new market, a company can partner with a local PEO to outsource HR tasks and compliance management. With a local PEO, a foreign company can instantly access overseas markets. Also, entry and exit formalities can be completed efficiently by the PEO.

Before entering a new market, foreign firms have to complete several formalities. It may also include setting up the business in a new jurisdiction. Companies also struggle with employee onboarding from a foreign land. A local PEO allows them to ease the employee onboarding process. It saves time for the in-house HR professionals and managers.

Helps draft employment contracts

A contract is drafted for a legal agreement between the employee and the employer. Drafting employment contracts for a few newcomers might be easy. The real challenge begins when companies have to draft employment contracts for bulk hires. When a company hires employees from a foreign country, drafting employment contracts becomes even more complex. A PEO can help organisations prepare country-specific employment contracts with complete info for newcomers.

Helps ensure labour law compliance

Every country/state has some rules to ensure employers don’t exploit the workers. A company found violating the labour laws can suffer major blows. Besides fines and legal hassles, the company’s reputation will be tarnished. Foreign companies might not be familiar with the labour laws in a different nation. To ensure labour law compliance, they need a reliable PEO.

Helps with payroll management and tax filing

Many times, companies have to file taxes on behalf of their employees/workers. Sometimes, in-house accountants of a company might not know about the tax rules in a different jurisdiction. They need a local PEO to guide them with the tax rules and file taxes on behalf of the employees. Payroll management is another service offered by a PEO. Boost your recruitment process with global PEO services today!

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