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Top 9 Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Bourbon Barrels 


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A used bourbon barrel is popular among aspiring brewers who want to learn more about brewing and aging alcoholic beverages. After the distillation is completed, the majority of these wooden oak barrels are simply discarded or used as firewood throughout the winter.

The majority of barrels are constructed of oak wood, which is both flexible and durable, making it ideal for producing substantial furniture. You can turn ancient whiskey, bourbon, rum, and wine barrels into eye-catching furniture with DIY barrel decor ideas.

A barrel can be used in a variety of ways to adorn your home or office. Here are some outdoor decoration ideas that you can decorate your outdoor space with barrels:

1. Chairs made out of bourbon barrels

Depending on your cutting inventiveness, the curving wood can be used to build a variety of chairs. The curving staves can be used to build a variety of items, including rocking chairs, high bar stools, and dining seats, to name a few.  Many seating options are at your fingertips with a wooden barrel.

2. Backyard Water Feature Fountain

The soft splash of fountains and the sound of running water is immensely relaxing and peaceful. Water elements such as stacked, multi-barrel, pitcher pump, and wine barrel fountains provide a distinctive and lovely touch to your backyard or garden.

3. Event Decorations

Barrels can be used in a variety of ways at an event. They can be used as tables for an evening gathering where guests can mingle. At a wedding, they can also be used to hold flowers. If you choose to use them, they will create a relaxed and ultra-modern ambiance for your event.

4. Barrel Lighting Solutions

You can repurpose discarded oak barrels into wonderful lighting options for your house, whether you need lamps, lanterns, ceiling hanging lights, or just DIY yard lights. Use half-cut rum barrels to build a temporary overhead lamp, or add blazing wine barrels to your deck for elegant lighting with stunning patterns.

5. Wine Barrel Tables

Wine barrels make excellent high tables, especially when surrounded by chairs. The most simple and least deceptive way to use the barrel is in this fashion. The tables can be used as indoor or outdoor bar tables. When the barrel is sliced lengthwise, it becomes a gorgeous centerpiece for your living area as a coffee table.

The open top can be closed with wood or glass, and the interior can be used for storage. It generates shorter side tables when sliced crosswise, which are ideal for the bedroom. For a rustic effect, barrels can also be used to hold a kitchen worktop and dining table.

6. Backyard Bar

Consider pouring bourbon from a bar made of reclaimed bourbon barrels.  This is sure to make you the envy of all your friends, and the go-to destination for dinner parties. With a few large wooden oak barrels, you may make your cozy in-house bar. Although it will take some time and effort, the end product will undoubtedly give your home a rustic atmosphere.

7. Bed for Your Pet

A pet bed made out of a wood barrel will show your pet that you care. There are a plethora of designs available. You can choose between a style in which the cat or dog sleeps within a cushioned barrel and an open barrel if you like.

8. Rubbish to Riches

Trash cans constructed of dingy plastics and obnoxious metals are unattractive in any home. There’s no excuse for your garbage to be filthy! Why not mix it up a little? Repurposing a little old wood barrel as a rustic rubbish bin is a great way to spice up your office, garage, or even personal events with bourbon barrel decor.

9. Landscape display

It’s simple to turn the barrel into a winter landscape display. Employing what the environment gives, such as pine branches (keep as-is or spray paint silver or white), pinecones and twigs, holly berries, and leaves. It is an easy method to collect and reuse yard debris while also making a lovely fashion item in a barrel.

Last Words

A bourbon barrel is a must-have affordable ornament for both your front and back yards when arranging seasonal décor and landscaping for your outdoor space. Used bourbon barrels can be turned into rustic rocking chairs and ergonomic hammocks with a splash of class with a little bit of woodworking. Try out these barrel decor ideas, create new things wherever your heart wishes and decorate your outdoor space with barrels beautifully.


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