Home Tech Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore for Improved Page Speed

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore for Improved Page Speed

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore for Improved Page Speed


Every website owner requires cost-effective, flexible, scalable & secure web hosting solutions to successfully host their websites. This is where VPS Hosting Singapore serves as the flawless choice for an exhaustive array of websites. It is because, with the virtual private server web hosting, you obtain hyper-scale web hosting services & root-level administrative privileges. 

Under this guide, we will make you learn about the essential insights into the best virtual private server hosting rendered by Serverwala. 

You will get to know how Serverwala’s VPS in Singapore provides your website with intensified web page speed along with the mentioned advantages. But before anything else, let us highlight the meaning as well as the significance of web page speed. 

What Is Page Speed and Why Does it Matter?

The word ‘web page speed’ implies the amount of time period that is taken by a web page to completely load in a user’s web browser. Unlike the term ‘website speed’ which estimates the loading time of numerous pages, the ‘web page speed’ refers to the performance of an individual web page within a website. 

Further, the ‘web page speed’ is influenced by several factors, incorporating the file size of the page, image compression, etc. However, the most substantial impact comes from the performance of the web hosting server on which you host your website. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to acquire the Best VPS Singapore for your website. Moreover, the web page speed has to be faster & reliable as it determines the following things –

  • Internet users reach
  • Your website’s visitors’ overall experience
  • The integrity of your brand, business, or content
  • Traffic volume
  • Conversion rates
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of your website

Testing Tools For Your Website’s Page Speed

VPS Hosting Singapore

At present time, you can find easy & simple ways to test the web page speed of your website. There are dedicated test sites available on the Internet for free to test the web page speed. Mentioned below are listed a few of them –

  • GTMetrix

GTMetrix is the website that has examined around a million websites based on their performance. It lets you analyze your website’s page speed by providing a detailed report after you enter your website’s URL into its analyzing box. GTmetrix also provides tips on how you can enhance your web page speed. 

  • Google PageSpeed Insight

Google gives you a PageSpeed Insights platform that enables you to know how you can minimize the loading time of your web page. This platform leans on sophisticated metrics to provide show the ranking of your website. 

  • Web Page Test

It is among the oldest website-testing platforms available. Its official site is webpagetest.com. It is still opted by many web developers. This website permits you to pick a test location, set the type of browser type, and test with different variables in order to recognize underlying performance problems.

How Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore Improves your Website’s Page Speed?

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore

As cited at the start, you can easily count on the Serverwala data center for acquiring the Powerful VPS Hosting Singapore that can help your website attain the fastest website page speed. Further, Serverwala data center is a well-renowned web host that also provides both unmanaged as well as completely managed web hosting services with the VPS in Singapore.

It lets you purchase the required type of VPS Servers Plan at the cheapest possible rates for your desired location. Every data center’s web hosting plan comes with enterprise-grade hardware & top-tier infrastructure with resilient web technologies. This further enables your website to deliver optimal performance.  

Get Excellent security and Page-speed From Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore

You receive the following amazing hosting features with Serverwala’s Cheap VPS Singapore – 

  • Service level agreement

With every Singapore VPS Hosting plan, you obtain the service level agreement from the data center. It gives you the assurance that your website will get a free SSL certificate, unique IP address, and 99.90% uptime network. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Serverwala data center provides unlimited bandwidth with secure channels & highest network connectivity for your website’s smooth functioning even under a high volume of web traffic. This lets your website get absolutely high website page speed. 

  • Advanced-Data Security Measures

Under Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Singapore, your website acquires the most progressive & excellent web hosting protection measures, including DDoS protection, antivirus software, malware scan & protection, etc.

  • Control Panel Options

With different types of virtual private server web hosting plans, the data center lets you acquire the required control panel. The options of control panels you get are highly effective & user-friendly. 

  • Get SSH Root access with VPS Hosting Singapore

Serverwala data center enables you to acquire SSH root access with your Cheap VPS Singapore. This further lets you make the needed configurations of your web hosting environment. You can easily install any operating system you find most compatible with your website. Also, you get the power to run & manage your virtual private server without interference. 


The VPS Singapore Cheap is the superior web hosting solution that renders you high scalability, hosting flexibility, customizability, and many other advantages at the most feasible cost pricing. It also gives your website high-level data security. Moreover, at the Serverwala data center, you can acquire the most appropriate hosting plan for a virtual private server. VPS Hosting Singapore easily gives the possibility to your website to attain the fastest web page speed. The data center also ensures the delivery of 24/7/365 seamless technical & customer support service via a team of proficient specialists & professionals. 

The team makes itself available all the time over multiple communication mediums like Whatsapp, Phone Calls, Skype, Email, etc. You can further visit now the detailed & official website of Serverwala to gain more insightful information on the cheapest & leading virtual private server web hosting plans including VPS Hosting Singapore.