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Trulia vs. Zillow: What’s the Difference?


If you’re looking for a home, you’ve probably heard of both Trulia and Zillow. The two used to be each other’s toughest competitors until Zillow Group bought and took Trulia under its wing in February 2015. Despite being owned by the same main company, real estate agents, sellers, and buyers and renters can post, sell, and rent and buy properties separately on any of the two sites as the real estate websites operate independently.

Which One is Better?

The two are alike, providing details about for rent and for sale properties. But what are the differences between them? And which one should you use? Here’s a look at the differences between Trulia and Zillow and when each is useful.

Property Estimates

Zillow has a unique feature called Zestimates, which provides property estimates based on the latest data from various accredited sources. Zestimates provide current prices as well as how much a specific property will cost after a year, considering variables like average home prices, ecommerce sales tax (since the real estate site operates on the web), home size and features, and other seller inputs.

Trulia doesn’t have this service. Nevertheless, Trulia still provides a calculation of the costs buyers would need to pay for mortgage, taxes, various insurance, and association fees.

To validate the data you get from the site, you can consult with professional property valuation experts.

Premier Real Estate Agents

Zillow is one step ahead of Trulia when hiring a real estate agent because of Zillow Premier Agents.

This feature is helpful for agents, property seekers, and sellers. Agents get incentives for every sale they make, while buyers get quality leads and purchases. In addition, sellers do not need to worry about handling customer inquiries, processing contracts and sales, the for-sale by owner setup—instead, these tasks are delegated to experienced agents. 

Although the service is from Zillow, listings from Zillow Premier Agents will appear on both the Zillow and Trulia websites.

Real Estate and Housing Updates

Aside from property details, many property seekers are also concerned about the latest real estate and housing updates. Zillow provides well-researched articles and dedicates various pages for website visitors to remain in the know. You can browse through different sellers’ and buyers’ guides, calculators and applications, lender reviews, and learning resources. 

This information can help you make informed and wise decisions with your property choices. Agents can use the details from the resources to strengthen their sales pitch and ensure that they share updated and factual details with buyers.

Listing Properties Location

Zillow is a one-stop shop for individuals looking for properties in Canada and the US. With this, buyers will get a wider variety of listings on Zillow in terms of location. Real estate agents and sellers who want to widen their leads and increase their sales can go on Zillow and sell properties in two different countries. To avoid any bookkeeping mistakes in tracking their sales later on, agents should categorize their books accordingly into Zillow and Trulia sales and include location details of the properties they sell.

Meanwhile, despite the limitations in location, Trulia is still a reliable site to look for available for rent and for sale properties in the United States. 

Crowdsourced Content

When looking for items to buy on the internet, buyers are most likely to look for customer feedback. Comments from buyers serve as social proof to see whether the seller’s claims are true. The same applies to real estate properties. Buyers also need to hear what residents around the property they want to rent or buy have to say. To address this need, Trulia Crowdsourced Content has got you covered. 

With this feature, people living in the area can provide insights to their future neighbors through written feedback or images. 

Graphics and User Interface

Graphics and user interface are essential for buyers to get all the information they need easily. In terms of visuals, Trulia and Zillow only have slight differences. Zillow shows the different available properties to rent on the right side and the map on the left. Meanwhile, Trulia projects the opposite with the map to the right and search results to the left. 

The main difference comes with the details provided for every property, with Trulia providing more comprehensive details than Zillow.

Zillow Details: Price, bathrooms, bedrooms, floor size, pets, amenities, housing type

Trulia Details: Number of stories, with or without basement, lot size, the year the property was built, views and scenery surrounding the property, date listing was posted, a 3D virtual tour

Data on Crimes and Safety

One of the main considerations of people looking for properties is safety. Trulia responds to this customer need by providing crime rate data derived from local law enforcers and the latest news and updates about the place. 

As a result, agents can give holistic information to their clients, from the houFse itself to the environment where the property is built. Buyers can also achieve peace of mind by seeing data based on facts about how safe the place they are moving to is.

Zillow and Trulia: Same But Different

Regarding real estate, there’s no shortage of platforms from which to gather information. Among the most popular are Trulia and Zillow. Both offer a bevy of features for home buyers, agents, and sellers, but there are some key differences between the two sites that you should know about before making your next move in the housing market. 

For one, Zillow provides:

  • More extensive property estimates
  • Premier agents
  • Real estate updates
  • Listings for both the US and Canada

Meanwhile, Trulia offers:

  • Crowdsourced content about the property
  • Detailed information about the property
  • Details on crime and safety.

Both of these real estate platforms are among the best in the industry. You can utilize either in your search, but we highly recommend using both to get a comprehensive view of the property you’re interested in.

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