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Tips to Sell a House By Owner in Georgia

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If you are thinking that real estate agents are the only ones who can sell your house, then you need to know that even homeowners can sell a house successfully and efficiently without needing a broker.

If you want to know how to sell a house by owner in Georgia, then here we are to guide you on the best tips on selling a house without needing a realtor. This way, you can make more money and lead to quicker sales. FSBO or sale by owner is a popular realty transaction where the homeowners do all the work themselves.

FSBO Sellers

Some people do not want to hire a real estate agent not just for the reason that they charge a hefty commission but also because they don’t want anyone else to control the sale of their house. The number of owner sales has remained constant which is between 8% to 10% in the residential properties segment. In some cases, the buyer and seller knew each other.

You can avoid paying a significant commission between 5% to 7% as a brokerage fee to the real estate agents in Georgia. The homeowners who want to sell house without a realtor must know that they can use these tips to become successful home-selling owners.

Tips for selling the home on your own

If you have access to the resources, then no one can stop you from successfully selling your home. If you cannot do it on your own, due to the lack of information and time, you can hire a real estate agent.


The first top selling for sale by owner tip is that when you decide to sell your home yourself, then get familiar with the home selling process. Know all the local state rules, and requirements, keep the documentation ready and take enough time to thoroughly research what are the things needed to sell a home. There are many resources available online and you can watch thousands of videos that detail every step of the home selling process.

Get in touch with a Real Estate Attorney

You can sell my house without a realtor but need to consult an attorney while carrying out the sale of the home on your own. It will ease the complexity of the real estate transaction. This is especially needed when you are involving a distressed property sale or multiple parcels. Also, if there is some dispute or multiple contingencies on the sale of your house, it is better to have an attorney by your side. It is imperative to hire an attorney because you cannot afford to let anything go wrong during a real estate transaction.

Keep the documents ready

One of the things you must know while exploring how to sell a house by owner in Georgia is to know about the purchase contract. Before your home is listed on the real estate market, you need to be ready with complete disclosures, exhibits papers, surveys, contract documents, and more, that are needed by the buyers. You can also consider working with an agent who can bring you a buyer and have access to all the needed forms.

Also, go through the documents well and familiarize yourself with the terms. Know your contractual obligations to the seller as well as the buyer. Print enough copies too. There are real estate websites that can help complete your real estate sale and take care of the forms too in their packages.

Consider Renovations

Before you start cleaning and decluttering the home, you should also consider making some necessary upgrades to the house. If you are not willing to spend money on renovations, then you need to know that not all renovations need a considerable amount of money. Many may be affordable and also, will provide you with the best return on investment.

Just make sure not to put a lot of money into the home improvement. Some buyers pay a premium for a home that is beautifully renovated while some may not.

Stage Your Home

A nicely staged home can transform the look of the entire home. It must highlight the most appealing parts of your home to invite the attention of cash home buyers in Atlanta. This helps to get a higher price for the home and a quick sale too. You need to determine how your home can get a makeover and freshen up. Take imperative steps and look at it from the buyer’s view.

The house may need maintenance such as cleaned gutters and a pressure-washed driveway. Maybe the interior or exterior of the house needs a fresh coat of paint. The deck may need a minor repair. If your rooms are overwhelmed with too much furniture, then it needs clutter. Since your home needs to make a great impression on cash home buyers in Atlanta, do not let go of the opportunity!

Market your home

Now comes another significant part of the home sale. Collect marketing materials such as sale-by-owner marketing flyers, yard signs, quality photos of your home, a video tour, and more to make an everlasting impression. This will allow you to sell your home at a higher price point. A listing equipped with professional photos and great video tours catches the attention of the buyers. So, let your home stand out.

In the photography, including the USPs of the home such as if your neighborhood has facilities such as a swimming pool, sports area, popular attractions, etc, then include those. If your home has an expansive exterior, then this is another great selling point.

Set the List Price

The price is the biggest determining factor in your home sale. The ability to set the right price for the home is necessary. Take the experience and knowledge of the local housing market. Find the neighborhood’s recent sales and decide the accurate list price of your home.  

There are resources that you can use to find the worth of your home such as an online home value estimator.

Negotiate Smartly and Close the deal

Handling negotiation is another skill to purchase a home. When you receive an offer or multiple offers, determine how you want to negotiate with them. Call for the highest quote and play your cards right. Since you have a secondary buyer ready, you will get an edge. When you evaluate offers, read all the terms well. If you get the purchase price you want, consider other factors too to determine whether the offer is the best. Once all of this has been done, you can close the deal and decide your move-out date mutually.

Follow the tips above about how to sell a house by owner in Georgia and have a smooth sale through FSBO!

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