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The Latest Printing Methods for Custom Packaging Boxes


Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

Most printing techniques in the printing industry are not new anymore. The printing methods have been used for decades. They all have their pros and cons. There is no perfect printing method that fits every customer’s needs. But there are some printing methods that work better than others when it comes to custom boxes with logo.

Choose the printing method that is best for your packaging boxes. Unfortunately, there are many printing methods to choose from. So, it can be hard to decide which one will work best for you.

In this blog post, I want to discuss some of the printing methods for custom printing packaging boxes and how they compare. I hope this blog gives you a better idea of what printing method would work best with your product’s packaging box needs!

Importance of the Right Printing Method:

As the printing process has prime importance, so the printing method should be chosen with care. It is very important to choose the best printing method for custom printing packaging boxes. It will determine how well you do in your business venture.

Printing methods are all about presentation. Choosing a printing method that makes your product stand out from others can help you boost sales exponentially!

Moreover, these prints help the companies communicate with their customers and potential buyers and influence their decisions. There are printing methods that last a long and some printing methods which do not last for a longer time. So, choose wisely before printing any custom packaging boxes!

Types of Printing Methods:

Now we will discuss the printing process below in detail along with its pros and cons to help you select an effective method suitable for your business venture.

Photography Method:

This is one of the most common printing techniques used by many companies these days. Photography allows users to capture images using digital cameras or mobile phones without any difficulty at all. Many people prefer this technique because it’s simple and fun too. The only drawback with photography is that colors may appear slightly dull in prints, but still, they look very appealing after printing.

Offset Printing:

As the name suggests, this printing technique mainly involves printing images or texts onto a plate using an engraving tool. Then use ink rollers to transfer it on paper to make prints. The main benefit of offset printing is that you can easily get high-quality, vivid images that look much better than other methods like screen printing, etc. They also offer great color reproduction and are best if used for photographs and artwork purposes too.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that printing is very expensive. It will not be an issue if you are printing a few copies only, but if your order is huge, this method can cost some serious money.

Digital Printing:

This printing technique requires the use of digital printers to create prints by using inkjet technology or laser printer etc. This process works similar to offset printing with slight changes in some techniques, which mainly involve how images are created and printed on paper. This is good because colors are reproduced well, and it is cheaper than other printing methods for big orders.

Some drawbacks associated with digital processes are related to heavier colors used as there might be bleeding issues at times leading to some printing issues.

Screen Printing:

This method uses screens made up of mesh fabric along with water-based colors for printing custom packaging boxes. It has become very popular because no plates are involved. Thus, it saves the production costs as well as time period both at once by its users but still printing costs are quite higher.

Some printing processes in the market might involve drying and wetting screens, which can sometimes lead to printing issues. But there is no doubt about its ability to print vibrant colors on custom packaging boxes successfully without any printing issue.


This printing method uses printing machines that use printing plates with the images of custom packaging boxes. This printing machine applies pressure on ink to print them in desired colors onto custom packaging boxes.

It is less expensive than screen printing. Its costs are much lower you make a comparison with other methods. But printing results have been found far better in comparison with flexography. This is because this method does not involve drying and wetting processes for getting perfect printing results.


It is a very old yet effective way for the custom packaging box printing process. Anyone can use it who wants quality prints at affordable prices using eco-friendly materials only without any harmful substances added into it. It involves an image being transferred from a plate to a rubber roller through the lithographic printing process. Every printer does this when printing product packaging boxes.

Foil stamping:

This one involves a simple yet beautiful looking professional look, ideal for high-end products packaging boxes with gold or silver colors added to them using metal foils. Of course, you will see a slight gap between foil and board after finishing this kind of package. This is due to the production process involved in its manufacturing stages during printing custom printed cardboard boxes. But overall results are still very impressive.

Which Method Should You Choose for Your Custom Packages?

This depends on the products you are printing, your budget, and the final quality of printing. I recommend a combination of digital printing with letterpress or foil stamping methods to obtain the best results from both worlds. Of course, this will depend mostly on what you have in mind regarding the product packaging printing.

If you are looking for a quick result without spending too much money, digital printing is the way to go. If I were at your place, I would have asked my packaging partner to use this technique to print my box.

However, if quality printing is what you care about most of all and want your custom packaging box printing to be done unconventionally with unique results every time you print on-demand boxes. I recommend foil stamping printing for printing custom packaging boxes.

I hope this blog has helped you find the printing method that will suit your needs.

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