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Large Format Printers: Must A Company Consider Investing In One?


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Large format printing has seen an increase in popularity over the past few years, and is continuing to grow as new technologies are brought to the forefront. Large-format printers today are efficient and cost-effective and produce prints on almost any material.

Naturally, making a splash by using unique artwork, personalised text or eye-catching graphics is an effective way to boost sales and create relationships between business and customers.

If you’re planning to print a brand new outdoor signage at your place of business, launch a campaign for advertising or even set up banners during the outdoor events and need large-format printing, then this is the ideal solution for you.

In this article we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of printing in construction signage and look at some of the best supersized printing applications for sale.

What is Large Format Printing?

Also known as grand-format and wide-format printing the prints of large-format printing are generally at least 24 inches. Wide, but they can be nearly any size. You can print banners, decor, or vehicle wraps wide format printing is the best solution for your printing needs on a large scale.

It’s only been in the past few years that printing in large format has begun to gain momentum as a cost-effective marketing option.

The past was when printing in hoarding graphics was plagued by numerous problems, such as short run lengths, expensive costs and long turnaround times. Additionally there were only certain materials readily available for printing in the past and finishes were costly and difficult to use.

The Advantages Of Large Format Printing

Like every print marketing solution Wide-format prints can be made to fit certain surfaces and objects regardless of the dimension or shape. With low prices and lasting results, using a larger print is the most economical method to produce top-quality print marketing.

The advancement in technology and increasing demand for large-scale prints has made the application of custom finishing a vital aspect of printing. If you’re printing on canvas, plastic or tiles, you need to select the right finish for your requirements.

Large-scale prints are offered in the form of grommet, laminated or mounted versions that are suitable for heavy outdoor usage or they can be tile-printed, and later melded to create building-sized images. Other methods and software can be employed in order to make raised surfaces, unique designs, or improve durability and durability, all without breaking your budget.

How Your Office Could Benefit From A Printer With A Large Format

For many owners of businesses, choosing of the fixtures and fittings to fit into the space can be an issue you’d rather not have. Equipment like printer’s scanners and faxes are essential elements in the set-up but they may cause problems regarding purchasing, pricing as well as installation and maintenance.

There are many possibilities to select from in terms of colour, brand, type or mono, as well as numerous other aspects that make it difficult to decide which is most suitable for your business. One option you might not have considered before but which could provide a significant advantage for your business is printing large-format.

There are many advantages that can be derived from large format printing.


A large-format printer can offer printing speeds that are not comparable to any other desktop or multifunction printer. On average, they can print 15 posters in just one hour. They also include stunningly high-quality images and graphics.


Droplet technology employed in large-format printers lets tiny ink droplets be created, which ensures accuracy and stunning high-quality images that are not printed using conventional printers.


Large format printers are able to differentiate between text and images more efficiently during the printing process. This allows them to create prints that are clear and precise and show images and images to the best advantage.


Wide hoarding printing usually comes with large touch screen menus with large buttons to manage, change settings, or even check connectivity. This makes them simpler to use than standard desktop printers and is easier to access for those with other problems or not comfortable with technology.

Mobile printing

Accessibility and convenience are greatly improved with the feature for mobile printing that is standard with all large-format printers.

Users can print on mobile phones and other wireless devices, which means that multiple users are able to access the printer simultaneously without needing to physically connect. This feature also lets users print directly from emails on tablets or phones which make the entire procedure more user-friendly for all.

Help To Save The Environment

For the environmentally conscious there’s positive news: wide format printers could be more sustainable, since they are more durable and require smaller copies. The greater size also permits the more data to be packed onto one sheet, which reduces how much paper or ink that might be required.

Additionally, many large format printers prefer UV curing inks and low-VOC inks that are more environmentally sustainable. Wide format printers give businesses the possibility of creating stunning visual campaigns that feature striking images, captivating images, and an opportunity for businesses to draw the attention of prospective customers and buyers through creating marketing that stands out from the rest exterior signs.

A machine in-house minimises the need to outsource as all printed materials can be developed and produced within the company, thus decreasing the potential cost and overheads, and permitting greater profits to be made.

However, Isn’t It Expensive?

While it is undisputed that wide format printing provides a multitude of benefits and advantages for businesses, there’s the downside that it can be expensive, especially when you are first starting a business. There is a solution for this issue, which could solve several issues: you can choose between leasing or renting.

Leasing or renting printing equipment lets you pay for the printer at a time and avoid the hassle of a first upfront expense along with the expense of regular repair and upkeep. They usually include full installation services as well as delivery and experts at the other end of the phone in the event of a problem.

This lets you choose the right printer for your company’s requirements, and allows you to concentrate on what are important clients while leaving technical aspects to professionals. This also allows you to spread out the costs, which reduces the requirement for a start-up cost that can eat into the cost of setting up.

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