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How To Find The WPS PIN To Complete Printer Setup


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Recently, printers come with unique models and features that contain wifi support. This is a more convenient one for the users to connect the printer with a wireless connection to the computer or laptop. This is easier for you when you have the WPS pin for it. Therefore when you have connected the printer to the computer but do not know where to find WPS pin on hp printer, then it will be available at the top of the screen. This kind of screen will only be present in recent printers like HP Deskjet 2700, 2700e, 4100, 4100e, etc. So when you have this recent model of the HP printer, then you can follow these steps.

Method to find WPS pin

The Wii-Protected setup is the most useful for connecting the printers to the computer. The printer that is present will give you the chance to view the pin at the top of the screen itself while doing the setup process. The WPS PIN is present on the backside of the HP printer, and also you can generate the WPS PIN code when you are connecting with the computer or other devices. If you are unsure about it, you can also ask for support from the HP printer staff.

Steps for connecting the HP printer using the WPS PIN

Once your printer is connected to the computer, then you can go through the following steps

  • The HP printer contains the control panel; you have to click on it and then go to the settings.
  • Now you have to click on the download and install HP printer drivers on your device.
  • Then click on the Wifi- Protected Setup, which is present in the control panel, so you should not have to struggle about where to find wps pin on hp printer.
  • The display will contain a few instructions, so it is better to read everything to know about the connection process.
  • Then after this, you have to look for the WPS PIN on the printer’s top screen. This will be available for a few seconds alone.
  • So when you see the PIN, it is necessary to use them in a few minutes. This is the eight-digit PIN, which will give the printer an easy connection with the device.
  • Now you have to enter this PIN on the space that is present in the web-based configuration page for connecting the wireless network. Then touch the start button on the printer display.
  • Now that your printer is connected, you can go for the trial printing, which will give you the easy setup process.

An alternate method for finding the WPS PIN for printer connection

  • The first step of this alternate method instead of worrying about where to find WPS pin on the hp printer is that you have to restart the printer or do the proper initiation first.
  • Then insert the proper for the printing.
  • Now you have to look for the control panel that is present in the printer. There you will find the wifi button, and also below that, there is an I button present. 
  • Here you have to press both the buttons that are I and the wifi button that is present and holds it for five seconds, and then leave.
  • This is enough as the printer will start printing the WPS PIN through the paper inserted before itself.
  • The printing of the WPS PIN will be there for two minutes only.
  • Therefore, the users must simply enter the eight-digit WPS PIN number in the required space in the computer’s settings.
  • Now, your printer is ready to work in the wireless network, which is more comfortable for you to connect any of the devices and print easily without any wired connection.
  • The WPS PIN is present on the back of the HP printer itself sometimes. When you are not finding it then you can also follow the above methods for better connectivity.

Get the support

 The support from the HP printer is available 24/7, which is more comfortable for the users to call them and make the connection easily. They will be ready to give you some instructions, which will make you find the WPS PIN easily, which is more comfortable. The fast and quick connection of the HP printer is possible when you have the support of the customer care staff.


Thus these kinds of methods of funding the WPS PIN for a better printer setup for the expected device will be more useful. Therefore you should not have to search for any of the browsers or ask anyone when you want to connect the printer to the WPS network. This is more comfortable and easiest for the users, so they do not need expert help. Even when they want, they can also call the toll-free number of the HP customer care number and get support immediately. The team is polite and ready to give the required support at the right time.

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