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Non Binary Haircuts: Interesting Information You Need To Know About Non Binary Haircuts

Non Binary Haircuts

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by admin

Have you ever been attracted to androgynous looks? This bold yet chic look blowing people away is not a surprise since it has been swooning EVERYONE. A non-binary hairstyle is one of the best ways to achieve that bold new look! It’s so alluring to see someone’s appearance so feminine and yet so strong at the same time.

And there are so many barbers, colorists, and hairstylists available who are eager to assist you in achieving your ideal queer or gender-neutral appearance. It gives me the utmost joy to design looks that help members of my community feel confident in their skin.

Despite non-binary hairstyles being around for quite some time, we think the most recent celebrities are behind the surge in popularity of these fantastic and surreal styles. It’s all about breaking stereotypes and wearing the hairstyles you like, whether Miley Cyrus, with her now-iconic undercut, or K-Pop stars Felix from Stray Kids and Yeonjun from TXT, with their mullets. 

You’re in the right place if you’ve been thinking about trying out androgyny! For those seeking a fashionable yet edgy look that is also easy to maintain, nonbinary looks are a total goldmine. The number of non-binary haircuts available on the market makes it easy to lose count and get lost in a catalog. In an effort to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 non-binary haircuts you can try! Ultimately, non-binary representation is all about expressing who we are, no matter how difficult it might be to break down barriers and not conform to societal norms. In short, you should pick a haircut that suits your personal style, regardless of how popular/widely recognized it is as a particular gender preference.


Every haircut, regardless of its gender preference, is non-binary. I believe you shouldn’t have to worry about what others think about your hairstyle if you love it. The most important thing is whether you feel beautiful in your hairstyle. Listed below are various haircuts that are popularly known for their ability to suit and adapt to all genders. Women have worn and loved them for over a century, and they’ve genuinely carved out their niche as hairstyles that suit a diverse range of people. These hairstyles will guarantee a stylish look that will not leave you feeling too out of place if you want to play it safe before experimenting.

The hairstyles we have selected today have been ranked solely based on our personal preferences and beliefs. What we were essentially looking for as we sorted through our options was:

  • Customization. Do you feel that the hairstyle is flexible enough to add your flair?
  • Compatible with different face shapes. As you’re sure to be a diverse group, we opted for hairstyles that cater to various faces rather than some that are only suited to specific face shapes.
  • Easy to maintain. It would be great if we didn’t have to spend an hour making our hair look presentable every morning. We picked products that won’t cause hair disasters on a bad Monday morning.
  • Look overall. Let’s not forget about the hairstyle, since all of these factors should be considered. We ranked the hairstyles based on all of the above factors + the aesthetically pleasing hairstyles.

Non Binary Haircuts

The Undercut

The undercut, oh the undercut. Do we need to talk about it? Our list of popular non-binary hairstyles would not be complete without including the undercut since it is such a great and iconic style. Essentially, an undercut is a hairstyle that leaves the top of the hair long and shaves off a noticeable length from the areas visible below. Undercuts can be used for various things, so you are not wrong if you think that’s vague.

You can color your hair, cut it in patterned ways, play with bangs, adjust the length of the hair on top and shape it into waves and curls. It can be gelled and made to stand or flattened out to create a slick, manly yet chic appearance. With celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, and Adam Levine sporting this style, this hairstyle has a rich legacy and a massive cultural impact whose marks have not been erased.

And the best part? Undercuts can be styled to fit any face shape, depending on how you want to wear it! The classic undercut works best for round faces, but you can always speak with your hairdresser about customizing the style to suit your face shape. Not to mention how easy they are to maintain, short hair is truly a blessing! What the undercut offers is all the benefits rolled into one!

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The Bob

Nothing stops you from going crazy with your bob, even though it’s known to symbolize the cultured side of society. However, bobs are pretty rigid in terms of their overall shape. Hair usually falls below the jawline or even higher, usually with bangs. This definition should not fool you, however. You already have several options for this hairstyle, as you can go straight or curly, or even go for the soft curls that some of the most popular bobs out there adhere to.

You can make bobs look good on any face shape thanks to their versatility. Usually, a simple adjustment to the length of the bob is all that is needed to make the cut fit your face. Your stylist will be able to determine the perfect length for you through a conversation. There’s also a wide variety of different bang styles to choose from, such as a pair of curtains or the iconic moon bang, and that provides yet another opportunity for customization. It might not be as customizable as some of the other options, but you’ll still be able to put your own mark on it!


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