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Instagram Rocket IPA Download for iOS iPhone/iPod


Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

Download Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS for free and install it on your iPhone and iPod touch with our step-by-step guide in this article. Instagram is one of the best tools in the digital world to interact with your friends and reach your audience for the business. This application provides several important features that make locating Instagram a more fun experience.

There are many features that users want to have on the Instagram application, such as the ability to download posts and stories about their devices. Unlike Tickets, which allows users to download videos, Instagram never supports views, and the chances of this feature are zero.

What is Instagram Rocket?

Instagram Rocket is a mod for the Instagram application that adds a slew of new features to social media platforms, such as videos, the ability to store images and stories on your device, anonymity for stories, and more. Rocket for Instagram tweaked the Instagram application, which means that once you install it, it looks like you use the native Instagram application, except you have additional features that have access to Is.

Instagram Rocket Features:

Here are all the features Instagram Rocket offers:

Download photos, videos, and stories to your camera scroll.

Photos and videos again.

Press to view the photo or video in higher resolution.

Copy the statement.

To view the profile image at full size, tap it to save it.

View stories anonymously and manually as they were viewed.

When viewing a profile, you can see if the user follows you.

Look for exact followers and following numbers instead of smaller figures, such as 124,345, not 124k.

Disable screenshot detection in Direct Messages.

Read the receipt in a direct message.

Verified Badge, following several followers, number and uploads are counted locally.

Mute video story.

How to install Instagram Rocket IPA with AltStore:

1. Install AltStore on your iPhone or iPod:

First, you need to download and install Altstore on your iOS device. With Altstore, you can load and install any iOS application on your device through its Natural Science.

2. Delete the original Instagram app:

Instagram Rocket cannot be installed if the native Instagram application comes on your device. For example, on the icon, remove Instagram from your device and remove the application option.

3. Download Instagram Rocket IPA:

Open this article on Safari on your device and download the Instagram Rocket IPA from the Downloads section on this page.

4. Open the Instagram Rocket IPA file:

After the IPA file is downloaded, tap the arrow icon next to the address bar in Safari. Select Downloads from the pop-up menu. This opens a list of downloads. Find and tap the Instagram Rocket file to open it.

5. Tap on the share icon and choose AltStore:

Because iOS doesn’t support sideloading the Natural Science file, opening it doesn’t do anything. You must share this file with Altstore so that it is installed. Tap the share icon in the upper right corner, then select Altstore from the sharing sheet.

The Altstore application will open, and Rocket will start installing the Instagram application. Now, you have to wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.

When finished, the Instagram icon will appear in the My Apps tab in the Altstore, indicating that the installation is complete. Now open the home screen, and you will find an Instagram icon. To open the application, tap on it and start using all Rocket Instagram Mod features.

How to install Instagram Rocket with Cydia:

Users with an iPhone or iPod touch can install Instagram Rocket using Cydia.

If you are not GelBreak, you can install Unite Men on your device if compatible and GelBreak your device with it.

The following explains how to make Rock for Instagram using CYDIA.

1. Open CYDIA and open the Sources tab.

2. Press Edit, then select Add.

3. Enter the following URL and press Source. Press: https://apt.alfhaily.me/

4. After Cydia contains all the packages from the new repo, find and install Instagram Rocket.

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Rocket for Instagram FAQ:

Why doesn’t Instagram Rocket have a notification?

Instagram does not display rocket information when absent via Altstore. The notification is only displayed when using the native Instagram application.

How do I stop receiving ads on Instagram Rocket?

To remove ads on Instagram Rocket, you need to pay for the Pro version through Rocket Settings.

Instagram Rocket++ vs Instagram. What is the difference?

The difference between Instagram Rocket and Instagram++ is not much except that Rocket is updated more frequently on Instagram, whereas Instagram++ is abandoned and has not been updated in ages.

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