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Incredible Wall Mural Ideas From Artist

Wall Mural

No doubt, every individual is fascinated by the wall mural and wishes to give their living room an elegant and classy look. There are many people who do deep research to fetch great ideas and collect references to bring the same theme to the place. But, few are confused and can not decide on the right wall art. Fortunately, mural artists are there for your assistance, just not to guide you but give the look that you will appreciate. You can easily search for “mural painters near me” on google to list down the best-rated and experienced artists.

However, this article will suggest wonderful ideas from an expert artist to choose from, according to your taste. Remember, the artwork that you will opt for is a reflection of your personality. So pick a great one. Let’s get started.

List of Amazing Wall Mural Ideas from an Expert

Dense Forest

Well, the wall mural theme based on dense forest makes the room or the house a shady as well as cozy look. When you opt for such art, you can find an exact replica of a forest with huge trees, waterfalls, and also a wooden bridge. Undoubtedly, it will make you feel as if you are in the woods spending quality time away from the stress of a bustling lifestyle. To complement the walls, design the room with the furniture in a wooden texture or suitable colors.

Deep blue ocean

The theme of the deep blue ocean is perfect for deep thinkers or writers. You can dig deep into your thoughts with this mesmerizing wall art. Many elements are printed on the walls that are a part of the ocean such as fishes, water plants, shells, stones, etc. This artwork also gives a great message that the deeper you dig, the maximum your chances to find treasure. The one who just fears taking risks can never progress.

World map for children

Give your children a world tour with a map painted in their rooms. Isn’t it an interesting way to enhance the knowledge of your little ones? Besides, it is a trendy mural art that many people opt for in their study rooms, library, or their tiny tot’s room. It creates a great environment for the kids to study and develop an interest in their subjects. You can also ask them to locate the countries and states on the map as a fun game. For example, If you are living in Melbourne, you can definitely ask the artist to design Melbourne map to give your kids a better understanding of the place they live in. It will enhance their knowledge about their local amenities.

Cartoon characters for the nursery

The mural painters understands well and always suggests including some cartoon character when you are designing a nursery. The artist gives the walls a fantasy look drawing the cartoons like they are interacting with the one gazing at them. It makes the nursery more fun-filled and intrigues the kids all day when the parents are not home.

Stunning mountain glaciers

For all the adventurous personalities, stunning mountain glacier artwork is perfect for their place. The mural painters who have years of experience can pull this theme efficiently. You will always feel at the top of the mountain and motivated for your aim in life. The room will be filled with positive vibes as you will achieve a wall full of bluish mountains and white snow.

Jungle stories with campfires

Well, every storybook is full of narration of the jungle and a group of friends doing a campfire. Why not get the same painted on your walls. Many people who love camping and usually go on trips to discover the jungles can cherish it through this mural theme. The artists make the walls look like an actual scene from the jungle where lots of friends and animals sit around bonfires and share stories. This is a very narrative and eye-catching art that impresses every visitor.

Space and planets for the young astronaut

How would you feel when the living  room space is given a celestial look? Definitely, it will give a mysterious and breath-taking experience when you can observe all the space and its elements in your room. Any individual who is fond of astronomy can opt for this mural work. Here the four walls are painted with stars, meteors, planets, aircraft, rockets, etc. Give the young astronauts and yourself a feel of living in space.

Bird flying in the sky

When one is not aware of which wall paint to choose but wants to make the space optimistic can choose the cloudy sky with free birds. This masterpiece is eye-pleasing as well as brightens up the room. The color theme used in this artwork is very pleasant. The mural painters make use of pastel or neutral colors such as light blue sky, white clouds, and birds in gray color. The shades keep the room cool.

Flora and fauna for the nature lovers

For all nature lovers, the apt pick is the theme of flora and fauna. The walls are painted with flowers, plants, and butterflies like you are sitting in a garden. In busy lives, it gets tough to make time to sit and enjoy the lawn and have tea. But you can bring nature into your room and can enjoy the view.

Royal King and queen to add elegance

Fortunately, you can live a royal life even when you are not a king and queen. With the trending wall mural, one can select the colors and theme that can give the space an impressive grand look. In this, you can observe the dark royal blue color walls with figures of the king and queen in their elegant attire. Choose the furniture, curtain, etc in the white and royal blue color and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle.

Wall of memories with a family tree

One of the most unique and beautiful mural art is to paint the family tree on your living room’s wall. It is a very great idea to remember every generation and to allow children to know their ancestors. You can start with the eldest member whom you remember or have a photograph with you. Then you can place the other family people in the sequence that ends with the youngest one.

Sports figures for gym freaks

Definitely, when you look at the one you admire the whole day, it gives you motivation. Like in every gym you see the pictures of great bodybuilders and pieces of equipment, you can get it too at your own place. It is the best mural theme for fitness freaks. You can ask the artist to paint your favorite sportsmen and add slogans that can inspire rhythm in bold shades.


To sum up, there are countless ideas on how to give your place a new look using a wall mural approach. The suggested theme in this article is the ideas from experienced mural painters who have been working in this field for years.

Many people are well aware of the type of art they want for their space. But many struggle to pick a suitable theme. Here the mural painters can help you. You can convey your preferences or thoughts for the wall painting and get the desired result.

You can pick any of the mentioned themes that suit your needs or fascinate you to redesign the place.

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