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Increase Your Fun When Carrying Cameras Using Camera Slingers


The solution to the dilemma of carrying your camera equipment may be a three-point slinger to carry your camera. Why? The problem camera models are heavy and bulky. Particularly, DSLRs with pro-level features. It is the typical strap included with your camera that poses issues. It is worn around your neck and you’ll appear like a tourist. It also has a tendency to move around. If you bend to change a lens, you are completely out of control.

If you carry it on one shoulder, it’s more managed. However, it’s not simple to put into action fast. There is a risk that it might fall off your shoulders. Camera bags could be the solution. However, even a camera sling bag could slow accessibility to the camera.

The 3-point slinger designed for cameras could be the solution. The name implies that the 3-point slinger comes with 3 points on contact. However, it’s not that easy. In reality, the majority of 3-point slings only connect to your camera via one point. However, they can connect to the body various ways.

Don’t venture out into the blue expanse to capture photos right now. Take a look at this article on 3-point camera straps first.

What to look for in the 3 Point Slinger for Camera

There are several factors to consider before selecting the camera sling.

Your Camera

The camera you choose to use is the first and foremost thing to consider. For instance, a Canon 1DX DSLR camera requires an extra-strong, sturdy camera sling. It is smaller DSLR cameras or cameras that are mirrorless but not so much.

How to Attach It To Your Camera

The majority of cameras are equipped with at least two options to connect to a strap. The first strap attachment point usually at one of the “shoulders” on the back of the camera. A tripod thread. There may be another point. Battery grips on my Canon EOS 5D III’s back have this tiny device for attaching the strap. I use it as hand-grips. However, a camera sling could perform just as well.

What is the Level of Comfort

One issue that comes with neck straps included with your camera was comfort. The neck strap of a DSLR camera is extremely heavy. It is also rare to have straps that are cushioned. The three-point slingers used to camera straps we’ve reviewed in this review come with a wide and padded shoulder strap. This is crucial. Particularly, if your camera large or you’re taking you backpack in the house.

The Security Level Security

I’ve tried an sling for cameras. It is attached on the tripod via the simple screw-in attachment. My critique to the design team was as follows. It was just too simple for this to happen during long hours of shooting. You wouldn’t even know. Up until a few thousand dollars of glass and metal smashed into the floor.

Make sure to check the way in which the sling is attached and what safety features it has. I love Peak Design straps. They feature a distinctive design in their anchors. The anchor is tough two-layer construction. If wear and tear damages this layer on the outside, then the inside layer is bright red to warn you of the risk.


Always think ahead. Also, check if the sling strap is modified to accommodate additional lenses. Check if it is able to hold an additional camera. Find out if it can accommodate tall and short individuals. It is likely that you will be using it in conjunction with carrying your camera in it. Therefore, you must ensure to ensure that they do not interfere between them.

What is the best 3-Point Slinger for your camera?

This review provides a comprehensive overview of what a 3 point slinger for camera is. I will review various types of harnesses and straps used by cameras. Prices range between less than $20 and over $100. Therefore, you’ll need to establish your budget with care. The list begins with the lowest priced and then moves on towards the most costly.

1. PiuQ

The PiuQ is attached on the tripod screw that is on the bottom of your camera. The eyelet that screws in comes with a rubber base to safeguard your camera’s body. The length of the strap can be adjusted up the maximum of 21.5 inches (55 centimeters). It is attached to the eyelet via an adjustable lockable carabiner. A strap under the arm supports the heavy, cushioned shoulder strap. Its scratch-proofing is an excellent feature. The shoulder pad is durable.

My worry is the absence of a security strap. If the only connection is ruined, you and your money will are also ruined. It is necessary to take off the eyelet in order to use the tripod. This reduces the function of. However this, the PiuQ is quite affordable.

2. Ocim

The Ocim 3 point Slinger for camera is a bit more expensive. It’s almost the same as the PiuQ. It does however have one major enhancement. A safety strap is attached to the camera’s body and to the Slinger’s strap. It provides a lot of security.

On the camera side, it connects to an eyelet on the strap. On the sling, there’s a sturdy metal carabiner that locks. An underarm strap supports the shoulder strap with padding. The straps are adjustable and come with locking mechanisms. This stops the camera from moving around.

3. Waka

A slight increase in price can result in more perfection. Its Waka camera strap comes with small storage pockets inside the large padded shoulder strap. It’s large enough to fit cleaning lenses and extra memory cards. The straps are adjustable and connect to a plate on the camera’s edge. The second upgrade.

The plate is screwed to the tripod mount. However, it also comes with its own screw socket for the tripod. Therefore, you don’t need to remove the sling and its mount in order to use it with your tripod. You can leave your quick-release plate in place. The Waka also comes with a security strap. On the other hand, the clip used to attach this strap to the camera isn’t a locking carabiner.

It’s the Altura 3-point slinger designed for cameras is another product that offers you a zip pocket on your shoulder. It’s not big. However, you could fit spare batteries into it.

It is equipped with a sturdy rubber-backed plate that can be attached on the tripod screw. It also has an extra safety strap to give you security. There is a decent adjustable range. What the Altura isn’t quite as good is the fact that the attaching point to the camera does not have locked.


A 3-point shooter’s world camera has been boring and dull to date. However, it seems that the USA GEAR TrueSHOT brings some colour in the picture. It also gets lots different things done right. The fixing plate has the tripod thread. It allows you to leave it on while using your tripod. It comes with an adjustable underarm strap for stabilization. The sling can be attached with the locking carabiner. There are two pockets. One is for memory cards, and an additional one for other gadgets.

The one thing I’m not happy about is the lack of a quick-release option for the strap that is used for safety. It’s a pity oversight. It’s a plus that it’s made to permit two slings be joined. You can therefore transport two cameras. Maybe you could put your spare lens is on another sling.

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