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Ideas For Concrete Floor Finishes To Change Any Space

Concrete Floor Finishes

Are you looking forward to change the interior look of your space? Versatile concrete floor finishes are the answer. Concrete flooring has become increasingly famous as a homey and inviting material. Its flexibility, durability, and affordability have made it undeniably the best.

Whether you want to build or renovate your basement, living room, or kitchen perfectly, concrete floor finishes are always the right solution. These versatile materials are customizable into various designs to create a unique look. Not only are they available in different patterns but can also be maintained easily. 

So, don’t wait much and start exploring this article to get some amazing concrete floor ideas! Read on and let’s discuss it in detail.

Best Concrete Floor Finishes Ideas Everyone Should Know About

Neutral Minimalist Concrete Floor Idea

As you know, the design world keeps changing every year. It can be fun when you enjoy trying new material while it can be disappointing if you want flooring to last longer.

So, if you want long-lasting flooring finishes that will always brighten up your space even with the changing decor trends, go for neutral floor material. A white minimal concrete floor finish can be a wonderful idea!

Rustic Concrete Floor Idea

The rustic flooring idea is the perfect option for high-level modernism that meets practicality. You can effortlessly get unique designs by choosing the acid-stain concrete floor finishes or tinted palette for your space.

In addition, you can even pick the creamy or glossy espresso tint. The hue of turquoise blue or moss green will also be the perfect option. These are the eye-catching flooring designs that everyone will notice right away. However, the preference is all yours!

Matte Gray Concrete Floor Idea

If you want a sophisticated look, matte concrete floor finishes can meet your preferences. They add an aesthetic appearance to your flooring that you can not resist. 

Just use neutral colors with some natural lighting and suspended light fixtures to neutralize the overall look of your space. 

Teal And Gray Concrete Floor Idea

Looking for something bold? Try the teal and gray color combination for the unique appeal! This outstanding floor design can make a great impression.

Do consider adding a light or white color herringbone pattern to get a look of elegance and stylish all at once. One of the best flooring ideas that will show the creativity level at its best.

Black Concrete Floor Idea

For adding an ultra-modern look to your space, black concrete floor finishes are the go-for-option. It is a perfect flooring idea if you want to decorate your room in a stylish and elegant manner. Seeing such an appealing design in your living room or bedroom can force anyone to admire it wholeheartedly.

 Top Concrete Floor Finishes For Your Space

Concrete floor finishes include staining, polishing, decorative coatings, and dyeing, applied to existing or new concrete. These help to hide the imperfection of the bare concrete slabs and add a finish to the floors.

The best concrete floor finishes are:


A bare concrete slab is always dusty and easily absorbs stains and spills. The least pricey concrete floor finish option is applying acid or water-based stains. These provide elegant colors to the surface. In addition, these stains help sealing the concrete and giving a more uniform look.

Actually, the effectiveness of the stains is enhancing the quality of the floors as they are semi-transparent instead of hiding the surface. Earthy tones are categorized in the acid-based stains while water-based ones consist of a wider color palette.


The versatile polished concrete floors have a glossy and elegant appeal that can be customized in various designs as per your preferences. These are very superior and need low maintenance. When you polish the floor surface it highly enhances the concrete look.

This is one of the most preferred concrete floors finishes for space that requires a shiny look such as garages. It provides a smooth and high-glossy touch that resembles a polished stone.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are an inexpensive and engaging way to enhance the place, especially best for garage floors. Not only do these concrete floor finishes protect surface from hard spills, stains, grease, and hot tire marks but also add appealing color and texture.

Hence, most suitable for areas with high chances of liquid spills such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. You can find epoxy coating in many color options and decorative chips.

Metallic Coating

Use the metallic coating to add shine and shimmer to your concrete floor. As it is available in a wide variety of colors, you can create a stylish and unique interior look for the floors.

Usually, the metallic coating consists of metallic powders or flakes that provide a look of silver, bronze, copper, nickel, or a more metal-like appearance. They are popular in those places where elegance is desired the most.


Dyes are available in different vibrant colors which include blue, yellow, purple, etc. These hues can be customized for matching the style of your space. Typically, dyes of two types-water and solvent-based formulas.


Stenciling helps add an attractive and cost-effective look to your interior concrete floor surfaces. With several designs available, and the skills to make custom stencils, the options are indeed limitless.


This is another best way to hide the imperfections of your bare concrete. With this versatile option, you do not have to replace your concrete floor. Just add an overlay of your choice to give a new and updated look.

Overlays generally enhance the natural effectiveness of the concrete. They help to cover up the gaps and cracks on the floor.

Summing Up

In many ways, you can utilize the concrete floor finishes to achieve the designs you want. Whether you choose a polished, dyed, patterned, or stained concrete floor, performance will always be the best. 

We hope this article provides complete knowledge about the types of concrete floor finishes for your space. So, do add the right finishing options according to the interior look of your place and improve its aesthetic beauty.

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