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How to Understand High-End Gaming Computers


Gaming desktop technology has been developing as fast as it can to keep up with increased game fidelity and intensity. While a games console is designed to run games stably, a gaming desktop is the uncapped, personalized experience that many gamers are looking for. Understanding why the price begins to rise, and how to best decide what is worth that increase, is vital to getting a high-end computer.

The Pieces

High-end PCs for gaming have an array of parts, with specific purposes. Like a standard PC, they have storage and processors. However, they also utilize graphics cards and specialized RAM in a way that a work PC doesn’t. Let’s define all those parts and what they are for:

Processor – The processor is the motor behind your PC, and high-end gaming computers need a lot of power. Processors enable you to parse data in fast and efficient ways, so that your other components have access to the data they need. A processor will have multiple cores, and these determine how many tasks the processor can allocate resources to at once. The more cores your processor has, the more it can multitask.

Storage – Just like your phone or laptop, a desktop uses storage. This will generally be one large hard drive (HDD) and one smaller solid-state drive (SSD) in a truly specialized gaming PC. The hard drive will have a large library of games, while the SSD holds programs, games that you specifically want to load faster, and the Windows or OS installation itself.

RAM – RAM is a type of memory, and is sometimes just called “memory” in computer specifications. Random access memory is essentially the computer’s short-term memory storage. If you load a webpage and then leave it, then go back, the page will load faster. The same principle applies to RAM. RAM enables games to store data for quick access, improving performance and speed.

Graphics Card – The core of what separates a PC from a gaming PC. A graphics card is a mix of highly specialised VRAM (Video RAM) and processing power. The graphics card is responsible for the upper limit of your PC’s visual performance and is vital to a high-end PC. Most of the time, it’s the graphics card contributing the most to the cost of a PC.

Power Supply – Simply the box that powers everything. Power supplies must match the components in the computer and supply the correct amount of power or errors can occur.

Real-World Examples

One of the leading pre-built gaming PC brands is Lenovo Gaming Desktops, Looking at the array of computers there now, you should see the specifications describing the parts listed above. Choosing your PC is a matter of looking over those parts and finding your preference. For example, do you prefer a larger storage space, and more RAM for better performance but less storage because you only play a few games at a time? These sorts of considerations interact directly with the components of the PC.

These gaming PC’s also come with their Windows operating system, meaning your gaming PC is more than just for games. You will have access to all your normal apps and files, just like a work PC, with the added benefit of huge storage, ample processing power for text and image editing, and more.

Making Your Own

For first-time buyers, pre-built gaming desktops give you a guaranteed system. The power supply will be compatible with everything else by default, and you don’t have to wire anything yourself. However, understanding the terms above and understanding why they accelerate the price the way they do is a vital first step to being able to lower the price of your potential PC. By knowing how much storage you want, how much RAM and even what graphics card you want, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect PC for your price range.

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