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Video Games Social Effects You Must Know

Video Games

There is a party outside and your friend invited you for it and just before the party you decided not to go because you are missing your favorite video game session and you refuse and start playing video games.

Weeks and months go by and you decide not to attend parties for playing video games. Your friends will stop inviting you. Now, you feel lonely and isolated. You are missing your friends for prioritizing video games.

Let’s dive into negative and positive effects of video games:

Negative effects

Relationship breakdown

The gaming addiction is devastating and can adversely affect your relationship with family and friends. When you start lying to your family and friends about video games, you are unconsciously breaking your relationships with others and it can leave you lonely later.  One woman complained on Huffing’s post that is frustrated with her husband’s gaming addiction and it has almost ruined their personal life. Gamers also take high caffeinated energy drinks instead of low ones like Yerba Mate for taking care of their health.

Hamper social skills

If you just concentrate on your social skills, you will hamper your social skills. Developing social skills should be the top priority of your life as it works best most of the time. The social environment helps us to engage with people and make us feel good. Also, social skills can make you an influencer among people while video gaming alone has very few chances. Playing video games a lot can deteriorate your social skills and also worsen your quality of life. Social skills are the backbone of society and gaming addiction can ruin your social life.

Stress and depression

Doctors say that you need to manage your social life to prevent depression. Depression is often caused by social anxiety. If you are socially anxious and don’t go to public places often, you will feel depressed. The chances to feel depression are more when you don’t go out to improve your social skills. As a result, you will rarely meet new people; or try new hobbies and new adventures which will remove the real meaning of life to you.

Positive effects

Pro-social gaming improves pro-social behavior

Many pro-social games improve the social life of the gamer. Some games involve chatting or texting with each other which improves the social behavior of the people. It can improve your communication skills and encourage social interactions.

Gaming can be an ice breaker

The social impact of gaming has gone beyond playing social games and can prove to be an ice breaker for someone with face-to-face interactions about games and a popular topic for conversations among a group of students in school or college.

Scholastic e-sports teams and clubs

The scholastic esports teams and clubs are growing and it simply results in great social connections among the players. There are lots of known and unknown people who meet in online games and get a chance to get to know each other and may become good friends in real life as well.

Social media apps

There is a great thing happening between gaming and social media apps and players and users are chatting and texting with each other to improve their gaming and social skills. Gamers understand the value of being a social gaming influencer and engage highly in social media activities too.

Wrap up

If you are addicted to playing games but disconnecting with the rest of the world, you need a game quitting coach or therapist for instant game quits. But, if you are using your gaming skills to increase your social influence, it is one of the best things anyone can do with gaming. So, enjoy gaming and connect with other gamers to stay social and healthy.

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