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How to Get Cashback on UPPCL online bill payment

UPPCL online bill payment

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) is an electricity generating and distributing company in Uttar Pradesh, India. UPPCL is responsible for supplying electricity across the state which is uninterrupted and cost-effective too. The company is developing new techniques to achieve consumer-centric satisfaction. 

The bill can be paid by using UPPCL online payment mode through its official website www.upenergy.in or with help of other payment gateways like Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Freecharge, Recharge1.com and others. For motivating and encouraging the consumers most of the payment gateways have introduced ‘cashback’ offers. Cashback means a consumer gets an amount of cash directly deposited to the linked bank account or wallet, back, if the consumer used the particular payment gateways or websites for current bill payment. In other words, cashback is like the traditional point reward system where actual cash is rewarded to consumers instead of buying goods or gifts by redeeming the points. Cashback offer has become ubiquitous and all the major cards, apps and websites issue it for more productivity, encouraging the use of digital wallets and acquiring new consumers.

Cashback Amount on current bill payment:

Consumers are mostly interested in the amount to be received as cashback. As a result, they compare the different retailer apps and websites. Generally, the amount of cashback can range between 1% – 5% of a transaction. It varies depending upon the type of transaction, whether it is a current bill payment, grocery payment, gas refill and others. Some examples are on Freecharge app 20% discount is provided on the first electricity bill paid. Fifty rupees cashback on Paytm and Amazon Pay on entering the code available, 2% cashback on Mobikwik on a minimum amount spend should be hundred rupees. To avail facility of the cashback the consumers have to download the specific app and be registered. Hereunder, the way to get cashback on UPPCL online bill payments will be discussed. 

Steps to receive cashback on UPPCL online bill payment:

Visit the Google play store and download the Amazon app.

Open the app and click on the ‘Amazon pay’ icon.

Many icons like mobile recharge, metro recharge, FASTag recharge will be displayed along with rewards on recharges and bill payments segment.

Scroll to see the different available offers on current bill payments like flat 50 and 100 rupees back on minimum order of 100 and 1000 rupees respectively.

Click on the suitable ‘Collect Now’ icon.

The icon will change to ‘Redeem Now’ and then click on the icon again.

Next, select the state of Uttar Pradesh and the electricity board such as UPPCL Rural or Urban, depending on the area of the consumer.

Enter the account/consumer number and click on the ‘Fetch Bill’ icon.

The consumer’s name, bill date, due date and the amount to be paid will be displayed. Click on ‘continue’.

The icon of Swipe to pay will be displayed with the details of the due amount of the bill.

Enter the UPI linked with Amazon pay and easily the UPPCL online bill will be paid.

Scroll to Amazon Pay Balance and click on the ‘total cashback earned’; the page will display the received cashback as per the offer for the current bill payment along with the date and time of payment.

Points for the consumer to remember while availing of cashback:

Always check offers before redeeming them.

All apps and websites have different rules and regulations.

Validity of an offer.

The offers keep changing.

The minimum amount required to spend.

For example, in the above-mentioned Amazon Pay cashback is available only if the payment is done by using Amazon UPI. Therefore, creating an Amazon UPI beforehand is needed. It just takes a few minutes to link the account. Firstly, open the amazon app then scroll to the amazon pay icon and click. Secondly, click on Amazon Pay UPI and then link your bank account with the suitable bank from the options provided. Finally, after verifying the mobile number linked with the bank account, the consumer will receive the Amazon Pay UPI ID and QR Code. All the recharges and shopping can be done by using the Amazon UPI where the amount will be directly deducted from the linked bank account while leveraging the cashback facility.

Thus, UPPCL online bill payment can be straightforward and at the same time help to save time and money instantly. UPPCL has left no stone unturned in providing the basic necessity to the consumers and has simplified its process of current bill payment. It depends on the consumer and their selection of cashback offers. In addition, offers are not only available on payment gateway apps and websites but also found on many banks’ credit/ debit cards. Moreover, during festivals and other special occasions, the options of cashback offer rise. Over the last few years, cashback is immensely popular among the population worldwide. Cashback acts as an incentive for the existing consumers and an attraction for the new consumers.

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