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When to Expect a Rebate As States Disburse Payments


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While prices across the country remain at a at an all-time high, states are continuing to offer stimulus update funds to help homeowners pay their bills this month of October.

Taxpayers from states such as California, Hawaii and Virginia will receive a little more money this month due to legislation that addresses the cost of inflation that is soaring.

See to see if you’re eligible to receive a cash payment in the next few weeks:


Many millions of Californians will be receiving inflation relief checks that can reach $1,050 “between October 2022 and January 2023” in either an immediate deposit or through the mail as an ATM card.

“Global inflation. The rising costs. It’s tough out there, and we’re well aware. We’re offering the people of California $9.5 billion,” Governor Gavin Newsom’s website states. “MILLIONS of Californians — 23 million in total–will get from up to $1,050 from October!”

The amount that residents get is determined by their income, tax filing status, and size of the household on their tax returns for 2020. The maximum income for admissibility is $250,000 or less for individual taxpayers with a household size of less than $500,000. household or couples who file jointly.


The taxpayers who have completed their tax returns for 2020 continue to receive $300 in stimulus update funds thanks Governor John Carney, who approved the Delaware Relief Rebate Program back in April. The bill will offer the total amount of $600 for married couples.

“Delaware families are facing rising prices at the supermarket and at the pump,” Carney said at the time. “Every person I’ve ever spoken to wants us to manage the money they have in a manner that is sustainable and responsible over the long haul.”

“These individual payments made towards Delaware households are part of the larger budget plan that is responsible and will support education, our economy along with Delaware communities, as well as increase our reserves to help prepare Delaware for the future,” the governor added.


In the summer, Gov. Ron DeSantis declared that the state will cut off one-time checks to 60,000 families, and provide each child with $450 in order to “offset the rising costs of inflation.”

Families that are already enrolled the FL’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program or the Guardianship Assistance Program can be eligible for payments that will be automatically sent to recipients.


Certain residents are still receiving money up to $250 for individuals and 375 dollars for head of household as well as $500 joint filers in the form of the state’s tax-free one-time refunds.

“As hardworking Georgians have to contend with rising inflation brought on by the failed policies of the federal government We’re doing everything we can to ease the burden by reinvesting their savings back into their pockets” Governor Brian Kemp said in May.

Although most checks were made on August 31, the federal government has stated that “it can take a few days for the refunds processed.”


Since the beginning of last month residents who earned under $100,000 by 2021 or less than $2000,000 in the case of joint filers started receiving direct deposits of $300, for dependents who are eligible to receive funds. A family of four that is eligible could be eligible for $1,200.

In the month of March physical checks will begin sending out, according the Governor David Ige, who told journalists that the payments would become “dependent on the availability of the stock of checks.”


“Maine people are struggling with increased cost of living as a result an epidemic-driven increase in inflation, from rising energy costs to higher costs for everyday items,” Governor Janet Mills on her website. “Amid the rising costs and relief checks worth $850 are being issued to approximately 858,000 Maine residents.”

The most recent relief check program is available to tax-payers who complete a 2021 tax return by the close in the current month.

New Mexico

To assist with the increasing cost of gasoline, food and other household costs, the state has announced an refundable tax rebate that does not have an income limit, distributing 500 to filers who are single, and $1000 to the heads of households as well as joint filers.

If you haven’t completed a tax return for 2021 are still able to get another rebate that will automatically pay for $250 for single filers earning less than $75,000, and $500 to heads of household and joint filers making under $75,000. Payments began to go through in the month of July.

New York

The month of August was when New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed legislation granting the city with a tax credit in the amount of $150 to many thousands of home owners within the city.

In order to be considered eligible for the program, the home is required to be the primary residence. Also, the your annual income should be lower than, or equivalent to the amount of $250,000 for the year of tax in 2020.


The Governor of the state Glenn Youngkin announced that around 3.2 million taxpayers who are eligible would get a tax refund for one time that could be as high as $250 for individual taxpayers, and up to $500 for joint filers.

“As Virginians face high inflation and the cost of living due to policies made by Washington the one-time tax credits will help families reduce their expenses,” Youngkin said in the press release. “Past administrations have imposed excessive taxes on Virginians, and by redistributing tax money to the taxpayers of Virginia, we’re ensuring that the hardworking Virginians are able to take more money from their pay even in tough economy.”

To be eligible for the rebate, tax payers must submit their tax returns for the year 2021 before November 1st. Anyone who filed their tax returns before July 1 will be able to be eligible for a direct transfer or check mailed to them before the close on the 1st of each month. People who filed after July 1 have been advised to expect the refund within 4 months of the date of filing. See more articles fiylife

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