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Here Are the Best Movies to Buy, Rent, or Stream Online with DirecTV Stream!

DirecTV Stream
Here Are the Best Movies to Buy, Rent, or Stream Online with DirecTV Stream!

Ever heard of a digital platform where you can literally buy, rent, or stream your favorite movie anytime and anywhere? While platforms like Netflix and Hulu let you stream content on on-demand, there are not a lot of options when it comes to wanting to rent or buy the movies. Netflix lets you download your favorite content, so you can watch it offline, but it may not be available across devices. Plus, the downloadable feature is not available for every title. 

This is perhaps the biggest reason why you might want to invest in DirecTV Stream. This is the one-stop solution to all your movie-watching needs and demands. It is home to a huge library of movies, as well as shows, that you can buy, rent, or stream online. 

To Rent

While the list of movies that you can rent on DirecTV Stream is practically endless, here are the 3 picks that you might want to take a start from. 

1. American Underdog

For a true NFL fan, the best way to enjoy a weekend is to grab the American Underdog movie that tells the true story of an inspirational player; Kurt Warner. He is played by Zachary Levi, and alongside him are Anna Paquin, Dennis Quaid, and Adam Baldwin. The movie follows the story of this twice NFL MVP player and the challenges he faced. It shows true events for the most part, with only a tweak or two to fit in the movie nicely. 

2. Belfast

Situated in Northern Ireland, the movie takes us back into the days of 1969 where when middle middle-class families like that of Buddy’s struggled. It reflects on the times of The Troubles, where political conflicts lead to sectarian violence amongst the two religious groups of the country:; CCatholics and pProtestants. It might be a little bit of a grim watch, so make sure you have someone with you to keep your emotions from going overboard. 

3. The King’s Man

A bit of action-comedy helps elevate our moods quickly during a dull weekend. This is why renting the King’s Man is the best idea right now. The movie follows one man’s struggle to win from time and stop mastermind criminals from doing really bad things. The evolving plot will keep you on your toes for sure! It stars Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Harris Dickinson, and  Rhys Ifans. 

To Buy

Once you buy any of the best movies on DirecTV Stream, you can watch them anytime and anywhere. Here are the top 3 picks.

1. Gasoline Alley

The latest action-thriller movie of 2022 is on DirecTV Stream already! Gasoline Alley revolves around a man who is accused of three murders of Hollywood starlets. Things take a turn when the two detectives on the case join him in finding the “real murderers” and solve solving the case together. It stars Bruce Willis, Devon Sawa, and Luke Wilson. 

2. Red Rocket

If you are in for some comic relief and a great story line, then get your hands on Red Rocket already. This film is about a con-man, who is also an star, and has come back to his hometown to struggle his way towards making ends meet. He is almost homeless until his ex-wife reluctantly lets him stay with him, only after he guarantees to find a stable job for himself. It is fun, quirky, and definitely a refreshing watch. 

3. Catwoman: Hunted

Another latest movie that you can find on DirecTV Stream is Catwoman: Hunted. It is a delight for all superhero movie fans, particularly for DC fans. It stars the ever ever-gorgeous Elizabeth Gillies as Catwoman, who attempts to steal precious jewels regardless of whoever may come her way. She is strong, determined, and focused on only what she wants! 

To Stream

If you have a reliable internet connection, such as from AT&T, you can definitely have so much fun streaming the movies online. Start your movie marathons from these three amazing movies on DirecTV Stream

1. Eat Pray Love

Starring everyone;’s favorite, Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert, the movie makes a great attempt at normalizing giving up on toxic or unhealthy marriages, and finding yourself after a divorce. It follows Liz’s journey all around the world in search of who she really is and what she wants to be like. All the events after her divorce and failed marriage give her the clarity she needed in life!

2. The Great Gatsby

This 2013 rom-com stars the very famous Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie follows a WW1 veteran’s journey when he comes to New York, only to find himself drawn to the lavish lifestyle of Jay Gatsby. As the veteran tries to make it big in the city, goes through tragedies and deception in this city that he calls home. 

3. Becoming Jane

This one is for all those romance, love story fans who have spent most of their days reading Jane Austen. It is a movie that follows Jane’s love affair with an Irish man, set in England during the 1700s. It is truly visually appealing, but the storyline is also just as powerful and engaging. It stars the ever beautiful Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the most versatile library of on-demand titles on DirecTV Stream. As long as you are connected to a high-speed internet plan, you can stream an endless number of movies and shows on the platform.

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