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5 Step Guide to Making an Explainer Video That Converts


Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Ali Hamza

5 Step Guide to Making an Explainer Video That Converts

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An explainer video is one of the most effective ways to drive engagement. However, if your goal goes beyond it, there lies a big challenge. Many businesses expect their video to make high conversions, but many of them fail to fulfill the desire.

Why did that happen? One of the most probable reasons is there might be something wrong with the explainer videos. If you’re still puzzled about what superb explainer videos look like, here are our 5 guides to making an explainer video that converts.

1. Set goals and target audience

The first rule before jumping into the real work of creating an explainer video, the goals have to be set first. What kind of goals do you want? If you intend to boost conversion, just a captivating video explainer won’t be enough. 

You’ll also need a solid call to action without it being too burdensome for your audiences. In addition, to make an explainer video that converts, you have to study your target audience. Here are some factors to mind.

  • Age
  • Buying power
  • Geographic location
  • Marital status

Studying your audience will be helpful for the next step. Especially, when you write the script and choose the design or style of the explainer video.

2. Compelling Script

There are some aspects you need to consider in scriptwriting, but here we make it compact just for you.

Offer problem-solving

It is best to be straightforward and go to the core from the beginning. The most recommended way of capturing people’s attention is to offer a problem-solving method.

Capture your target audience’s problem and offer a solution with your product or service. The explanation is key to building a bond between you and your audiences.

How it works and its advantages

Another significant thing to pour into your script is how your product or service works and what advantages it carries. State every little detail you can offer to improve your customers’ lives. You can also mention why you provide a better option compared to your competitors. 

Avoid dangerous call-to-action mistakes

To make high conversions, you have to put a compelling call to action. It’s indeed a bit tricky since you have to be clear and provoking enough, while at the same time being subtle. 

Avoid heavy-handed or pressuring call to action and mysterious URLs in your video. If you put a URL, go with a crystal clear URL that will lead your audiences to make conversions. You can consider factors, such as brand popularity, product or service cost, and target audience

3. Preparing Content

When you’re done with the script, the next step is preparing for the video content. In this phase, you can set your project due date, budget, video duration, and specific format of video outcome. 

Before making the video, choose the animation style that you desire, whether it’s motion graphics, whiteboard, stop motion, or any other styles. Make sure your explainer video consists of a core message or specific points that you want to deliver. To figure out all those aspects, you can refer to any video as your reference.

4. Design and animation

The way your explainer video looks relies a lot on its visual appearance. As the first thing that your audience will notice, avoid stock imagery, subpar animation, and inconsistent imagery.

While making your design as appealing as possible, make sure the visuals compliment your script. If you add animations or graphs, they must refer or stick to key messages and concepts to avoid unnecessary additions.

5. Video marketing platform

When your explainer video is all set, now it’s time to publish it. Usually, explainer videos are best for landing pages. Many businesses have tried this method and state it’s an effective way to build engagement with audiences.

Putting an explainer video on a landing page is not the only exit. Consider placing your explainer video elsewhere on different social media platforms. For example, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or email newsletter.

Every social media platform may carry different requirements for posting a video. To make the best of it, you have to plan and list which social media you want to go to and adjust to the requirements. 


Being strategic is key to driving as many audiences as possible. Therefore, to make a superb explainer video that converts, you need to plan and execute well. Captivate your audiences through appealing visuals, compelling narration, and a smooth call to action.

Not to mention, a marketing strategy that can boost your explainer video’s popularity. Go to many social media platforms to meet new audiences and create a bond with them. An impressive marketing strategy will lead to higher engagement and conversion.



Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, the award-winning explainer video services. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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