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Bright Side to Using Footrests


With age, swollen feet are a widespread medical condition the elderly face almost daily. So, If you are a  caretaker or you have someone elderly in your family, it is your responsibility to make them feel better. There are many benefits of using footrests, bed socks and other supports. Footrests work best for the elderly and others with constant sitting or standing jobs. Even if your work does not require continuous sitting, it can also be your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time in front of your electronic devices, watching Netflix or football matches. Then there, it would be best to use the footrest for your benefit. Read further to explore more about how to take care of feet. 

Foot Rests:

A foot rests is an elevated platform which helps you improve the posture by keeping the back straight. It also helps increase pains, fatigue, etc. but at the same time increases blood circulation, reducing aches, etc. which is very important for the elderly. It is one of the flexible products, which also can be detached when not in use. You can adjust the device depending on the height of the elderly using it so that it gives relief to their swollen feet. It helps in distributing the weight across both the hips equally. Hence, elderly can feel comfortable while sitting for longer. For wheelchair users it is an excellent option to place their feet flat. Thus, it allows them to place both their feet in a way that helps support natural pelvic positioning. 

Bed Socks:

Bed socks for elderly work wonders for their health. It has many advantages, including decreased chances of getting a Raynaud’s attack. They will help in preventing hot flashes and also to help improve cracked heels. There are different types of socks, including compression socks, which the doctors should prescribe to improve the blood circulation in the body, and these socks need not be worn to the bed as it moves the blood flow away from the feet and may block the flow when the elderly is lying down. 

Adds Support to Your Back and Upper Body:

Researchers show using footrests helps with better functioning daily. It helps alleviate back and also improves upper-body mobility. It makes you feel more productive by improving your posture while sitting, straightening your back and opening it for your lungs to breathe freely.  

Even while standing, you need your posture to be perfect and correct. While standing, you must ensure that you put equal pressure on your legs and support your upper body. And a good footrest improves your posture immensely. 

Footrests help even while you are just static. It helps keep your feet elevated and grounded, encouraging more support to your back, shoulders, and hips. Therefore, it helps you feel relaxed and productive by maintaining your posture, making you feel energetic all day. 

Helps you Stretch and Relax:

People these days barely leave any space in their day for physical activity. Even in jobs, we are the ones creating history by sitting all day long in front of the screens.

On average, an office worker sits for 15 hours daily in front of statistically proven devices. It makes the default body posture monotonous, which is not a good form to be in. Using a footrest helps you stretch your back and shoulders properly. A static footrest also helps keep your feet in an ideal position, making you feel active. It also massages the feet, allowing you to roam places without any discomfort caused. 

Better Blood Circulation:

A good posture helps you align your body to function correctly. An adjustable footrest allows you to set an ideal angle for your feet. Footrests impact your posture and your health. 

The angle of the footrests that the IT professionals use directly impacts the amount of swelling in the legs and ankles, and studies have proved this. It helps boost blood circulation, adjusting your feet to an inclined angle. If the angle is improper, your feet would be less oxygenated. 

Dynamic footrests encourage movement all day by enhancing lower body circulation. An ideal angle for the footrest also differs for each person. The optimal angle is between 15-30 degrees.  


There are many benefits of using footrests and bed socks. It is essential because we need to care for our feet with age. We hope we can help you know more about the footrests. It is the one that bears all the body weight. So, you need to be cautious and provide the rest and support required. Swollen feet are one of the significant causes that stop elderly people from socializing and going out. That is also the reason that they stop exercising and going out for outings with their group of friends. 

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