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A Simple Guide to Wheelchair Ramps


Mobility becomes an issue as you age. Climbing stairs or getting outside the house becomes difficult with each passing day. And as a caretaker of the elderly, you are suppose to take good care of their mental and physical health. You need to provide them with good mobility aids, and to help them in and out of the house or the building, you need to provide them with good quality ramps, which provide them with additional security and make them feel safe. Keep reading further to know more about different kinds of ramps.

1.Threshold Ramps:

Threshold ramps are one of the safe and cost-effective ways to make wheelchair, walker or scooter users feel safe through the doorway. It is an inclined plane that provides a long elongated, smooth surface for a wheelchair or scooter users to move freely and safely through the doorways, passages, or raised landings.

These ramps can be made of fibre, fibreglass, rubber, or aluminium. Rubber material ramps are heavy, and provide high friction, thus do not move easily and remain in one position even while in use.

2. Folding Ramps:

Folding ramps are portable ramps, which makes them easy to use. It is viable for transportation, as you can fold it and keep them safe. Usually, these are larger than the threshold ramps. But these are light in weight, easy to carry around, and adaptive. It is a strong ramp that helps the users tackle obstacles.

The usual length of these ramps are 10 feet, which is folded from the middle, or a few can also be separated into 2 halves which can be further folded into 2 more halves. With the ramp, you need to ensure that the inclination is not too high and is solid and comfortable for the user.

3. Telescoping Ramps:

 Telescoping ramps are a bit different from all other ramps. Unlike any other ramps, these have just one track on which the wheelchairs can pass. It provides a convenient way to access houses and cars, especially outdoors. It provides an easy way through these areas that have different ground levels. It is mainly used because it is durable and extremely light in weight. Also, it is very easy to put that into a position, and it is very easy to be manoeuvred into compact spaces. This makes it extremely easy to access the scooters, zimmer frame with wheels, rollators, and wheelchairs. It makes travel faster, easier, safer, and more comfortable for the users. Also, if these ramps are made from rust-free material like aluminium, they can be used for a longer duration and can be used heavily.

4. Aluminium Ramps:

Aluminium ramps are simple ramps made from aluminium metal. These are the most preferable ramps, as they are portable and light in weight. These are also rigid and are non-corrosive. The best feature of these ramps is that they are cost-effective among all other options. Previously, ramps were made from metals that were heavy, and corrosive. So, fibreglass is also one of the preferred options because these are highly suppressible solutions.

5. Rollable Ramps:

Rollable ramps are also known as extended versions of foldable ramps because they have hinges all over that help them fold over to a great extent. These are used greatly on uneven surfaces, as they adopt the surface levels because of their structure. This makes storing such ramps in small spaces possible, making it more travel friendly.

The best part about the rollable ramps is that the length is adjustable, so if you want to make the ramp short, then you get to adjust the length; by removing a few sections, you can do that. Some of these rollable ramps come with side rails, which are very useful for the user’s safety.

6. Modular Ramps:

You need modular ramps to use the ramp for a longer duration or permanent use. This is because these ramps are flexible in height and can vary in different shapes and heights. This gives you the liberty to customise your ramp according to your space. These are semi-portable ramps which do not require a heavy installation. It has 2 different ends, one is the tongue, and the other one is the groove.

The best part about this ramp is that you need not replace the whole ramp for minor damage. You can replace that particular section of the ramp, and then you are good to use the ramp again. It has an adjustable slope, and even the length and the width of the ramp are customisable according to your needs. These have high rails for protecting the user from falling off the ramp.


There are many different types of ramps, but you need to figure out which one will best fit your elders. It depends on their medical condition because you can only decide whether they need a wheelchair or a rollator, and which one will best suffice their needs. This helps them go out and socialise more, That is good for their mental and physical health. You need to decide which ramp can hold the weight, is strong, durable, and long-lasting. I hope this article helps you out with different types of ramps that you can consider.

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