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A Comparison of the Alienware and MacBook Laptops


If you’re in the market to purchase a new laptop, then you have some tough decisions to make! In this article, I’ll compare two of the best and most popular laptops on the market: the Apple MacBook and the Alienware Laptop. By the end, you should have an idea which one will work best for you—and with your budget!

The Specs

-The MacBook is a laptop that weighs just over three pounds, while the Alienware is a laptop that weighs in at just over five pounds. 

-The Apple MacBook Pro has an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, and four Thunderbolt 3 ports. The Dell XPS 15 has an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, 1TB hard drive storage.


The first major difference between these two laptops is the price. The starting cost for a MacBook is $1,950 while a comparable Alienware laptop will cost you $2,700 to start. The most expensive MacBook has an MSRP of $6,700 while the most expensive Alienware laptop starts at $3,500. 

The other major difference is display size.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality is top notch on both laptops. However, you’ll notice that the Apple logo is etched into a smooth aluminium body while the Alienware laptop has a more rough texture to it. Some people prefer the smoother texture because it feels better in your hands and fingerprints are less noticeable on it. 

This would be my personal preference as well.

Screen & Connectivity Options

The screen is one of the most important features to consider when looking for a laptop. The majority of laptops have either a 13 or 15 display, but laptops with screens as large as 17 are available. Full-HD (1920×1080) screens are common on most models, but 4K (3840×2160) displays are starting to become more affordable in recent years.

Performance and Storage

The MacBook Pro is an excellent laptop with a powerful processor, speedy solid state drive, and ample RAM. It has a traditional keyboard that’s comfortable to type on, a display with excellent color accuracy, and a beautiful design Alienware aurora 2019. The biggest drawback is its lack of portability – it’s over three pounds in weight, which makes it difficult to carry around. Meanwhile, the Alienware 13 R3 is also an excellent laptop with a powerful processor, speedy solid state drive, and ample RAM.

Software & Special Features

The laptop features a 15.6 inch screen, Intel Core i7 CPU, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM, 256GB SSD, and a backlit keyboard. It is priced at $1,499. 99. The Macbook has a 13-inch screen, Apple’s latest 8th Generation Intel Quad-Core processors (i5 or i7), up to 16GB of memory and storage that ranges from 128 GB to 2 TB MacBook 12in m7. 

It is priced at $1,299 for the base model which includes an 8th generation processor, 16 gigabytes of memory, and 256 gigabytes of storage space.

Battery Life

The battery life on both laptops is excellent. The Alienware has a battery life of 8 hours, which is more than enough for most people. The battery life on the Macbook is estimated at 12 hours, but this number can vary depending on what tasks you are using it for and what settings you are using to conserve power. This laptop has been praised for its use in the field due to its high performance and battery life, making it an ideal work tool. 

The different variations between these two machines mean that you have options when choosing one. If money is not a problem, then get the MacBook Pro as it will last much longer before needing a charge.

Final Thoughts

Both laptops are good for different reasons. If you are looking for a laptop that will last a long time, use the MacBook. If you want a laptop that is cheaper, go with Alienware.

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