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5 Tips to Make Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Care Easier in Ireland

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If you’re caring for a loved one in Ireland, you know how difficult it can be. As much as we might like to think that our family members are able to live independently and maintain their own health and happiness, they will eventually reach an age where they need more care than they can provide on their own. That’s why nursing homes exist—to provide the help that older adults need in order to keep living comfortably and safely at home. While nursing homes are great for seniors who need extra assistance, there are also many ways that family members can make life easier for them once they move into a facility such as this one. Read on for some tips about how you can make your loved one’s time in Ireland easier:

1. Schedule Regular Visits

The first tip is to schedule regular visits. Visiting your loved one regularly will help them feel more comfortable and happy in the nursing home. Set up a regular schedule of visits, and make sure that you visit on the same day and at the same time each week. Your loved one may be able to look forward to seeing you if they know when you’re coming!

Visits should be at least 30 minutes long, but try not to stay longer than an hour or two; this can become tiring for both parties involved (you and your loved one). Visits are also a great way to get information about how things are going with their care; use these opportunities as much as possible!

2. Bring Along Small Gifts and Treats

  • Bring Along Small Gifts and Treats

Bringing small gifts is a great way to help make a loved one feel more at home. The gift or treat doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should be something that your loved one will appreciate and enjoy. It’s also important that the gift is something your loved one will use on a regular basis so that you can remind them of their life back home as much as possible. Some ideas for small gifts:

  • Something from their home country (like an item of food)
  • A favourite food or drink
  • A favourite book or magazine
  • A favourite toy/game/CD/DVD etc…

3. Listen to What They Have to Say

  • Listen to What They Have to Say

If your loved one is in a nursing home, it’s more than likely that they will have some things on their mind. They may be concerned about their health or finances, or they might just want someone to talk to. If you visit them frequently and listen closely enough, you’ll find out what’s on their mind—and then you can help them work through those concerns.

When visiting your loved one in Ireland, try asking questions like:

  • “How was your day?”
  • “What did you do today?” (This is also an excellent way of getting information about the facility itself.)
  • “What did you eat today?” (If they are not eating properly, there might be an issue with the food preparation or delivery.)

4. Be Kind to the Staff

Be kind to the staff.

Your loved one is not in a nursing home because of the staff, but they are there because of you. If they were left on their own, they could go anywhere else, including back home. It’s up to you to make their time at a nursing home as positive and comfortable as possible. A big part of doing this is being kind and respectful to the staff who take care of your loved one.

If someone does something nice for you or your loved one, let them know! Compliments are always welcome in any job environment, but especially in healthcare where most people see their profession as something more than just a way of earning money—it’s also something that gives meaning and purpose to their lives.

5. Get Other Family Members Involved

One of the most important things you can do is get other family members involved with your loved one’s care. It’s important to involve them in planning visits, planning care, and even planning meals and activities for your loved one. This will help maintain a sense of normalcy for your loved one—and keep you from feeling like it’s just you doing everything all the time. You’ll also find that it’s easier on yourself if there are other people helping out!

It can be tough when a family member needs nursing home care, but there are many ways you can help make it easier for them in Ireland

There are many ways that you can provide support for your loved one while they’re in nursing home care. Here’s a few tips:

  • Visit regularly! If you live far away, visit as often as possible—once a week or once every two weeks is ideal. The more often you visit, the easier it will be for them to feel comfortable with you being there and not just seeing them at holidays or birthdays. And remember: if you have children, bring them along too. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach them about caring for someone else and give them some insight into what their grandmother or grandfather does all day long!
  • Bring small gifts or treats—but make sure they’re healthy ones! Your mother deserves nothing but delicious meals made with fresh ingredients by her friends at the nursing home (the staff). But don’t forget about all those other goodies that are waiting at home; when she sees how much thought was put into picking out something special just for her birthday party—even if it’s only once per year—she’ll feel more motivated than ever before to stay strong through whatever challenges life throws her way next time around.”


We hope these tips will help you as a family member to make the transition into nursing home care easier for your loved one. Nursing homes in Ireland can be an intimidating place, but with a little bit of planning and preparation on your part, it’s possible to get through this difficult time with minimal stress.

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