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20 Inventive Mobile App Concepts for Profitable Startups


Everything went south quickly once the epidemic struck hard at the beginning. However, there are a lot of expectations that all businesses and sectors would pick up speed.

In terms of startups, well, there’s good news and optimism for them. Those who were at home in the current year had to deal with a number of difficulties.

With a focus on convenience, appearance, and brand alignment, Mobile App Design Services encompasses the creative and beneficial process of designing, prototyping, and refining the user interface as well as the experience of mobile applications. This ensures that users engage with the app naturally and effectively accomplish their desired goals.

What more could a startup ask for?

A sincere fix that can solve an issue. Additionally, creating a mobile application to address these issues sounds like a fantastic business idea for 2024 given the growing amount of mobile users.

Based on statistical data, the estimated number of mobile users in 2024 will be close to 7 billion. Undoubtedly, with mobile apps growing at such a quick pace, they are now an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. Everything is at your fingertips, whether it’s purchasing groceries, scheduling a restaurant table, taking fitness courses, scheduling a doctor’s appointment or a taxi.

Therefore, after looking over the numbers, if you’re still unsure whether it would be worthwhile for your firm to invest in a mobile application or not, this post is for you.

Why Are There Mobile Apps?

Being a seasoned mobile app development business, we have gathered some statistical information that could allay your concerns over selecting a mobile app.

The typical smartphone user installs 60 to 90 applications and uses one app per day, according to the survey. On average, they use mobile applications for two hours and fifteen minutes.
According to a report, consumers’ total time spent will rise by 92% to $157 billion globally by 2024.

77% of mobile app users’ time is spent on the top three applications, with the other 10 trending apps capturing the remaining percentage.
According to a different poll, 87% of users check their phones for at least an hour before going to bed, and 69% of those users used to check for at least five minutes beforehand.

Typically, 75% of applications that users launch are never used again. Therefore, in order to attract people, it’s critical to generate a gazillion app concepts.
Users downloaded around 204 billion applications in 2019, and during this shutdown, those numbers are rapidly approaching the stratosphere.

Based on these figures, it is safe to predict that the mobile app development sector will have a lot of prospects. Numerous mobile app development firms want to create a wide range of mobile applications for every sector of the economy. Startups have access to an increasing number of business prospects as a result of the continuously increasing number of applications. But if you’re thinking about creating a mobile app, now is the perfect moment to do it and you may work with a mobile app developer.

These are a few creative mobile app development concepts that will ensure companies succeed.

1) An Online Course App

An app for online learning will generate excitement in the education sector, since lockdowns and pandemics have compelled all educational institutions to adopt mobile apps. Students may attend online courses via a variety of applications on the market, including Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Thus, students may virtually get together thanks to these applications.

However, including VR capabilities might be quite advantageous if you want to use mobile app development services to construct an app. To be honest, your app won’t fit into the same categories as other virtual meeting applications. Students should be able to communicate with one another and learn digitally thanks to this software. Additionally, pupils may take advantage of the merging of virtual reality and augmented reality to have a real-time experience of learning in virtual reality classroom settings.

An expert in creating modern mobile programs that meet the evolving needs of both companies and consumers in Kuala Lumpur, a Mobile App Developer Kuala Lumpur makes use of their technical know-how and local market knowledge to develop solutions that boost customer loyalty and propel success in the dynamic digital scene of Malaysia’s capital.

2) The Scan and Shop App

The newest and most distinctive online shopping app you can make is this one.

Typically, when a user opens a shopping app, they have to navigate through the items or type the name of the item into the search field. When you’re shopping, a scan and shop app may assist you in reading a picture of the thing you wish to buy and provide suggestions for related products.

Users may choose the greatest opinion to buy here. Do you not think it’s fascinating? To create this “Scan and Shop App” for your company and outperform other eCommerce apps, you may employ Android and iPhone app developers.

Additionally, you may dominate the mobile app market by incorporating artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning with the aid of a mobile app development business.

3) An AI-powered app for restaurant reservations

A new restaurant has opened up nearby, and you would want to go check it out. However, you are unable to find the table of your choosing wherever you go. You therefore always leave the restaurant.

According to this concept, a smartphone app that uses AI to book restaurant reservations will be a fantastic idea for companies in 2024. An interactive map of the eateries in the vicinity will be provided by this app. In this manner, customers may see a graphical depiction of the restaurants and reserve a table based on their preferences. Booking the appropriate tables may be lot simpler with this graphical depiction. As a result, it may be the most sensible and effective concept for a mobile app.

The software can remember the user’s preferences and make suggestions based on them thanks to artificial intelligence. Additionally, it may assist you in personalizing it.

You may get in touch with the top mobile app development business to put this virtual restaurant reservation app concept into action.

4) Doctor Appointment On-Demand App

Making a healthcare mobile application would be quite beneficial, keeping in mind the existing situation. By creating an on-demand medical appointment software, you may propel your firm into the market, where there is less competition.

Everyone desires prompt treatment, and we are aware that we are unable to return for at least two or three hours after you leave the hospital. One of the greatest applications for scheduling a visit with a physician or other health provider, nevertheless, may be health inspection or healthcare. Users may also get consultations via video calls.

After a certain amount of time, this app may also be used to schedule appointments for routine checkups on your behalf. Additionally, it may be enhanced via the use of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

In light of this, you need to engage a specialized mobile app developer before creating an on-demand medical appointment app in order to provide your original concepts with a platform.

5) Trading and Investing App

These days, trading and investing are the main topics of discussion. Their enthusiasm for trading securities and equities makes a mobile app development firm useful. The customers want to learn all there is to know about foreign exchange tools, stocks, and the share market. Additionally, they are eager to make investments in them.

As a startup company, you may live up to their expectations by creating a mobile application that allows customers to predict the value of their assets and get all the essential financial information from several sources.

The stock trading app is still not available in the app store. Thus, this can be the ideal moment to invest in an app for your business if that’s your goal.

In order to guarantee that each connection with the product is simple, enjoyable and in line with client goals and user needs, a UI UX Consultant offers professional advice on optimizing the user interface and experience of digital products. They do this by drawing on their knowledge of user behavior, design principles, and industry trends.

6) Dietary Planning & Health Tracking App

These days, the applications can assist you in monitoring your health on a daily basis and tracking your meals to determine what you should eat to be healthy. Additionally, you may add more elements to your app, such as low-calorie diet foods recommended by medical specialists to meet certain health objectives, recipes that are simple to prepare, or culinary suggestions.

With the help of this software, users may choose from a variety of meal plans that are optimal for their health. You can trust the software development business to use their tried-and-true methods to put your concept into practice.

7) Tours & Travels App powered by AR/VR

Locating destinations to visit while traveling overseas is difficult. When tourists are on vacation, this may be one of the finest times for companies to develop a tourism app.

Your app will include every well-known dining establishment, tourism destination, and activity in a certain area. Thus, visitors might take pleasure in their location.

Your trip experience may be greatly improved by using AR technology. Additionally, you can shortlist locations more effectively by using VR.

8) App for Book Sharing

It is not required to purchase or read pricey books in order to use libraries. Readers may read books and share non-copyrighted information with other readers with this book-sharing software.

Users may declare the books in their collection and register for the app using this method. It enables users to read, communicate, and exchange books with other users who are in the same place.

Moreover, allowing customers to build an e-book collection is another way to advance your software.

In 2024, this app concept will be very popular for all startups. This would allow your app to reach readers and learners of today who value ease and comfort.

Through the expert’s mobile app development services, you can also include a premium membership option.

9) The Smart Car Parking App

Locating a spot to park your automobile is a difficult task. It has become very challenging to get a parking spot anyplace due to the increase in the number of cars on the road. Thus, the smart auto parking app may be a game-changer in solving this problem.

The parking app with IoT capabilities assists drivers in locating available spots for parking. Car owners may locate a parking space fast and simply with the help of this software.

10) The Loan App

The money lending software, which makes borrowing simple, finds a spot among the top company ideas for 2024.

Without the necessity for in-person meetings, this peer-to-peer lending platform provides a marketplace where borrowers and lenders may interact and satisfy each other’s financial requirements. However, it has a laborious loan application procedure.

A turnaround time is also provided by the app to payers and borrowers. A bargain program that allows consumers to determine their predicted loan rates and barter with lenders for low interest rates is one of the numerous features you might implement.

11) App for Translation

Speaking and comprehending the language of the nation they are visiting is always a challenge for tourists and business travelers.

You may thus use this app concept as a startup owner and develop a mobile app with it.

Prominent translation applications such as Google Translate and Google Lens enable users to translate text into their desired language from objects, photos, files, and text boards.

In order to enhance the functionality of your app, you may include a pronunciation tool that allows users to share, listen, and copy the content.

12) Uber Ride-Demand App

People travel a lot, as is well known. Additionally, it would be a fantastic idea to develop an on-demand taxi sharing app given the increase in travel

In 2019, travel-related automobile rentals brought in over $2.5 billion. The majority of the best car-sharing applications have a large fleet. As a result, they have satisfied their clients’ demands.

13) Deal Alerts App nearby

Numerous applications are available to you that will provide you excellent discounts on the shops, restaurants, showrooms, services, and utility stores in your area. However, in order to use such applications, you must first launch them and look for the best offers before completing your purchase.

Now that 2024 has here, why don’t entrepreneurs design a fantastic concept that alerts customers to incredible offers in close proximity to their current locations? This would, however, entice users to download your app and buy the goods at a steep discount. Additionally, consumers won’t need to exert much additional effort to complete the procedure thanks to this.

14) Augmented Reality Decorating App

The decorating app is guaranteed a slot among the top 2024 mobile app concepts. Users of this app may purchase, rent, and sell ornamental things. Furthermore, you may let customers employ event planners for occasions like farewells, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and more.

You may even include it with augmented reality. Users are able to view the topic of how they would seem at their event in real life in this manner. This will improve your app, however.

Employ a mobile app developer to create an app that uses augmented reality to let you see a room decorated to the nines. With the use of 3D models, it will allow users to see how objects are arranged and what they would look like in real life.

15) An app for editing videos

Thanks to social media, everyone may now influence others. Influencers are going to start using videos to promote goods or spread messages. Still, this is a very effective method of product promotion. As a result, all businesses use the same format, which is video marketing, which has the potential to significantly increase sales.

These postings must thus be eye-catching and professional. Consequently, experts may edit video in a wonderful method using a video editing tool, producing a professional-quality final product. Additionally, bloggers and influencers are willing to shell out a lot of cash for premium video editing applications.

16) Auto Repair On-Demand App

Another fantastic app concept for entrepreneurs to use in 2024 is this one. The UI of this on-demand auto repair software may resemble that of Uber. Using an on-demand auto repair app, a user may make a real-time location-based phone call to an experienced technician.

When your vehicle breaks down, this app will link you with local technicians who will come to you. Drivers that become stranded in the middle of the road and are unable to locate a way out will find this to be of great assistance.

17) The App Pet Matrimony

The app store has a ton of marriage applications whether you’re searching for a companion for yourself or someone else. However, as it takes a lot of physical work to locate a spouse for your pet, you will fall behind. Making relationships, asking for the vets, being engaged on the ground, and many other things are necessary for it.

So how about creating a pet matrimony app to make their lives easier? Well, having this app in the app store will take care of any problem. This app could have features and filters like breed, location, age, and so on, just like any other marriage app. By using filters, users may quickly narrow down their search and locate the ideal partner for their dogs.

18) Make Use of Tracing App

One has to be aware of their loved ones’ whereabouts during the critical pandemic period.

19) App for Smart Homes

You can now link all of your gadgets and access them from anywhere with the help of IoT. You may develop an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart home app that enables customers to access their home appliances from anywhere, regardless of the operating systems you are using. In addition, users may be alerted in the event that a danger is identified.

20) App for Personal Wellness

In this epidemic, mental health is the most crucial thing that everyone has to prioritize. Numerous individuals have experienced trauma and encounter numerous obstacles. Startups may have an app concept that promotes wellbeing.

The personal health app will support meditation and aid in the inner serenity of others. Users will be able to create personalized improvement objectives using it as well. It will also email those inspirational sayings and movies to keep them inspired and engaged.

In summary

The many mobile app concepts for prosperous startups will undoubtedly help your business grow. At Linkitsoft, Consumers are constantly open to new applications and seek for unique and inventive features for platforms that currently exist.

To capitalize on the increase in demand for solutions across numerous sectors, a mobile app development business need to produce a variety of mobile applications.