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Why Prefer custom pillow Box Packaging?


Choosing convenient packaging for lipstick, pen, kajal, or other small things is tricky. Especially when it’s for gifts. But the custom pillow boxes style gives small gift boxes a catchy and versatile look. It comprises a double layer closer to the top and bottom panels, which protects the delicate stuff easily and is best for retail purposes. Custom packaging provides you with sturdy and budget-friendly cardboard and kraft material-made boxes. For shipment, we provide corrugated boxes, too, made with corrugated material.

Corrugated Custom Mailer boxes for shipment purposes:

Use custom corrugated boxes for shipment of custom pillow boxes with extra support. It’s very important to protect tiny boxes during long-distance delivery. We have sturdy and durable mailer boxes, which are light in weight and give an extra shield to delicate inner products. You can add flutes according to the importance of the parcel. These eco-friendly corrugated mailer boxes are available in bulk at economical prices. Make your business class and unbeatable with these budget-friendly business custom boxes.

New touch with die cuts on Custom pillow boxes:

Every brand wants to add something new and classy with time. It shows their development and newly updated quality for advertisement. They need modern ideas and competitive ideas for everything. We always design something new and unique for that purpose. You can add a custom die cut boxes window on the bottom of the custom pillow box for something new. It changes the whole look of the box. It also looks good on display at the shop and attracts buyers with inner and upper sights. With multi-color strips, bows, and window sights, your pillow box can look more presentable and stylish than the others.

Bewitching prints and superior colors schemes:

Nothing is more attractive than eye catchy colors on any-things. It’s just like beauty attracts the soul and colors attract the eyes. The custom box solution is a hub of colorful effects and shades. Our business-friendly PMS and CMYK printing methods are reliable and capable of your requirements. We know how to design and play with colors. The PMS color printing method can add new life to custom pillow boxes. CMYK printing gives new images to logos and detailed descriptions. You are wasting money if your color combos are dull and lifeless.

Highlight with embossing and debossing Custom pillow boxes:

For additional visual images or text, raise the surrounding material of text or logos with embossing. Also, stamp down with debossing. It gives depth and a detailed look. Good for providing an elegant look to brand logos.

Decent touch with Matte lamination on gloss lamination with iCustom packaging:

We have matter lamination for custom pillow boxes for a sophisticated and clear natural look. Its matte and velvety touch makes your text easy to read. For something twinkly or shiny touch you can use gloss lamination. It makes a more attractive look for custom pillow packaging.

Reliable coatings or inserts for something extra on Custom pillow packs:

You can add our custom foam inserts for a more sturdy or aesthetic touch. Add inserts in custom pillow boxes with accurate sizes and dimensions of delicate products. Also, for extra impression, we have

  • Gloss coating
  • Matte coating
  • Aquas coating
  • Spot UV coating

Multi-stock options available for Custom foam inserts:

Choosing the right foam according to your product’s delicacy is also necessary. It makes your brand value more reliable and trustworthy in the competitive market. We offer two types of in-budget reliable foams.

Get a free sample of a Custom pillow box:

We always make extra efforts to satisfy our customers. Your satisfaction is the key to our success too. We always want to delight you with our services and product quality. We provide free samples too. You can easily examine what you are ordering. It helps you to check the perfection of your custom box. Is it what you want, or it needs to update? You can friendly tell and change.

Get custom pillow boxes wholesale from iCustom solutions:

Due to the dazzling and catchy eye look of pillow boxes, it’s getting more demanding daily for brands. We are providing these cost-efficient ting boxes wholesale. For bulk orders, our lithography machine keeps a high standard of printing. For fast delivery, we have digital printing machines too. Be relaxed about late dispatching. We are the best for custom boxes packaging:

The reasons why we are best are trustworthy:

  • Fast services
  • Quick response on feedback
  • No false promises
  • No extra charges
  • Modern payment methods
  • Turnaround at the time

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