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What Is the Oily Hair Trying to Tell You?


If the scalp happens to be exclusively oily and your hair is revealing it is fair to say that it is trying to say something. The natural oil in the scalp produces sebum which is a good thing. Without it, the skin would be looking like leather and this is not too much. You have to be aware that the amount of oil that produces changes over a period of time. It is going to decrease once you age, Beauty solutions in UAE irrespective no matter whatever is your age. And helpful tips to deal with and combat an oily scalp.

The Does & Don’ts of Oily Hair

If you feel that there is an excessive amount of sebum on your scalp there are various ways by which you may deal with the same. There are a few tips that you can follow

  • Using cold water in the shower- Try to use cold water in the shower. The use of hot water is known to stimulate the sebaceous glands as it leads to the production of more sebum. The skin elsewhere is going to appreciate the same once you mature. It is better that you rinse the hair with cold water. As it prevents the hair glands is going to be in overdrive mode. With the aid of a scalp brush, you need to distribute the oils in an effective manner when you are showering.
  • Do not shampoo your hair daily- If you plan out daily shampooing of the hair it can lead to worsening your hair condition. It strips the hair of sebum and the glands do a better job of replacing them as soon as possible. It turns out to be a vicious cycle that you will never be able to turn out. If the hair is oily-prone try to opt for a natural dry shampoo that is going to extend the time span between the washes. A better course of action would be to avoid the use of shampoo altogether.
  • Wash well- there is a possibility that you could end up washing your hair and suffering from an oily scalp too. There are some people who end up focusing on dry ends and do not pay attention to the roots. The opposite approach works out to be the best in such cases. You need to gently massage the cleanser into the roots, and with a shower brush. Do not avoid the nails or prevent any form of unnecessary fiction that is going to irritate the scalp. You need to focus on the scalp where the real oil tends to lie. It should flow to the end once it rises.
  • Rinse properly- it is better that you churn in an extra amount of time underwater steam. This makes sure that you are going to get rid of everything that is present in the hair. In fact, it is going to have a major impact on the manner in which the hair looks and feels.
  • Condition in a selective manner- the condition can lead to a situation where your hair tends to look greasy immediately. You need to apply the balm of choice to the ends of the hair along with the areas that you need it the most. Be rest assure that the natural oil is taking care of what is closest to the scalp first. Before rinsing it you need to check it properly.
  • Brush smartly- Brushing helps in the spreading of sebum along the hair shaft and this is being done with every stroke. If the hair is dry that happens to be a good thing. But if you find that it is oily you should only brush when it is need to do. So as to avoid abrading the scalp you need to invest in one with boar bristles.
  • Clean the hair tools- make it a point you are using clean brushes, or free curlers. It is free from residues or any form of styling products. Swab curling or flat irons regularly with cotton balls that are soak in alcohol. A beauty treatment solution in UAE goes on to suggest the same.
  • Do not touch your hair a lot- the more you are going to play with your hair the oiler it may turn out to become. Fiddling is known to transfer the hair oil from the strands to your fingers. Irrespective of the fact whether you are fondling or touching the hair it is suggest that you keep your hands off your hair. Irrespective of the fact whether you are touching, fondling or scratching your hair. It is better that you do it with a gentle touch.
  • Keep the pillowcase clean- make it a point you clean the pillowcase regularly. Using oily linen can transfer the oil back to your hair or go on to aggravate facial acne if you are prone to it.

There are some other pointers to keep in mind and a dermatologist in Dubai will guide you in detail. It is suggest that you do not use any products where the silicone content is high. There are various hair care products that are incorporate with silicone that adds a tinge of gloss. But is know to fizz at the last minute. They tend to build up on the hair and make it look oily.

You should opt for hairstyles that lift the scalp away from the hair and limited contact emerges with the area where oil emerges. In some cases, people would be wearing headgear or helmets to prevent oil from emerging on their heads. But in reality, they are known to lead to more oil formation on the head.

There are a series of home remedies that you can try in the comfort of your home to get rid of oily skin. Apple cedar vinegar is one of them that you can use and it needs to be properly dilute. It prevents product build up and balances the PH level.

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