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What is Meant By Healthy Immune System in Humans?

What is Meant By Healthy Immune System in Humans?

The immune system in humans is compose of complicated and multiple networks of organs, microbes and cells. The immune system never forgets the infection which it has once encountered. The record in saved in B and T lymphocytes which are also called memory cells. The system always encounters infections from common cold or flu several times due to variety in the strains of viruses.

Nutrients required for Healthy Immunity

Maintaining a healthy immunity is essential because it protects the body from harmful attacks. There are various nutrients that can help in boosting and nourishing the immunity mechanism.

Dr. Kanury Rao, is famous for his invaluable contribution in strengthening the immunology.

Ways to boost the Immunity System

According to science, there are few cardinal rules of maintaining immunity. Maintaining the immunity is essential for a healthy lifestyle:


A proper immunity system can rapidly distinguish between the self-antigens and the foreign antigens. It targets, attacks, kills and mobilizes the invader cells which harm your body. The immune system studies the germs once they get exposure to it. The body starts producing the antibodies to fight the infection.

For example: After disease of typhoid vaccine enters the body, it starts developing antibodies to fight that disease. Later, if the body identifies the germs inside the body, it will rapidly attack them. Dr. Kanury Rao, one of the most popular Indian immunologists has come up with a solution to such immune disorder known as cancer.


Immune system protects the body from all odds. It gives a tough fight to microbes to prevent damaging the body mechanism. For example: Cancer weakens the immunity of the body, and it can be fatal if neglected. Dr. Kanury Rao, with his quality effort has achieved the success of developing the cancer detection device to offer a better life.

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