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What Does a Tattoo Feel Like – From Pain to Heal

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Recently we have seen that people are more interested in tattoos than before. As a result, the number of people with tattoos is continuously increasing. But, somewhere in between all of this increasing craziness, people are wondering what this looks like to get a tattoo. We are here to serve the curiosities of these people. So, this guide will discuss tattoos and their step-by-step process. Let’s, therefore, get started. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Tattoo Making

This step-by-step tattoo guide will find everything you need to know about tattoo-making. 

Kickstart With Finding a Tattoo Shop 

Before you get inked, you have a lot of work to do. Going to a random workshop to have your favorite tattoo. You must do some due diligence about the tattoo artist and ship. The best option will always be to find an experienced artist. Run through the Google map, list some artists and then browse their studio’s portfolio. It will help you to know the time and money a tattoo will cost you. 

Once you narrow down the list of artists you want to go ahead with, give them a call and book your consultation for tattoo

Enclose The Tattoo Design And Style You Want to Get

What design you love is all up to you, but knowing some styles helps you find the best tattoo designs. As tattoos will stay with you for the rest of your life, once you have them inked on your body, you don’t want something you will regret with time. You can be dead set on the artist, design, and placement, but having a few options doesn’t harm. However, if you don’t know what tattoo you want, that’s a completely different scenario as first you have to find the artist that could work up with the aesthetics you want. Then, you want to ensure that the tattoo artists align their aesthetics with your own, and you will love anything they come with. 

Here is the trick: almost every artist has their own Instagram profile, which you can go and check anytime and look at the style the artist provides you with. 

Decide On The Tattoo Placement

The tattoo placement is important to determine if you want a less painful experience in getting your favorite tattoo inked. If this is your first while getting the tattoo, you want to stick with a location of the body that may be slightly less painful. For example, forearms are suitable for first-time tattoo wearers as the skin is tight on the forearms, so you don’t feel that much pain. You save the torso area from getting a tattoo in the future when you have more of your choices. 

For your first-time tattoo, you can avoid choosing the placement on more exposed areas like hands and feet since these areas are more exposed to the sun and tend to fade away. 

Finish Your Paperwork And Then Head for The Payment 

Once you have discussed everything with your tattoo artists, you are all done. You will have to complete some paperwork related to your ID and age. Age is because most of the states in the US don’t allow tattoos for minors directly. If you are underage, you need your parents’ concept to get a tattoo in the United States.

You need your ID, valid phone number, and address to complete the paperwork. Last but not least, you have to pay for the tattoo. The cost of the tattoo will depend on the design, size, color, and placement. If you have previously discussed the cost of your tattoo, it’s good. Otherwise, consider discussing this before you sit on the tattoo chair. 

Be Comfortable With Your Tattoo Chair

It might seem difficult to get comfortable for people getting tattoos for the first time. If you fear this might happen to you, you take a friend with you or talk with the artist to be comfortable and enjoy your company and the process. Sometimes the artist works in an open work area, which means you will be seated in a tattoo chair in front of everyone. Sometimes they work in a private room. However, the workspace also depends on the location of your tattoo. 

If you feel like you are shy and don’t want others to watch, you can request a separate private room, but be sure to do this in advance. Many studios use dentist-style chairs, while others might use tables, chairs, and others. Artists often try their fingers and nails to make you comfortable if you are a little bit outspoken about this. Ensure you let the artist know. 

Prepare The Tattoo Area

You can prepare the area independently, but if you request, the artist does it for you. It will also work out. Usually, artists clean the tattoo area by rubbing the tattoo area with alcohol. Then, any hair you will have on the area will be removed by shaving using a new disposable razor, which you will discard after use.

There should be no hairs as even the finest of hairs can get in the way and cause problems, which makes it a crucial step even if you can’t see the hair. The artist will be cleared again to ensure it is smooth and ready to transfer. 

Stay Calm While Your Artist Prepare For The Tatoo

If you are a first-timer, you might start to hesitate when the artist starts to prepare the tattoo machine. But that is the time when you also need to stay calm.  

Rather you can try to enjoy the preparation process. Here is how it goes to give you a glance at the preparation process. First, you will see a tiny cup called the ink cap. Then all the needles and tubes will be removed from the sterilized purchases and will be placed in the machine. Cleaned and distant water will pour into the cup, and to clean the needle, the artists will change one needle from the other while changing the color of your tattoo. 

Dressing And Bandage

Now, finally, you have your tattoo inked, but that’s not it yet. You need to treat the tattoo like a wound. It needs a protective layer that prevents infection and bacteria. Artist will tape a bandage on it to make sure it is secure and gives you some aftercare tips that will help to maintain and care for your tattoo.

Wrapping Up! 

That was all in this tattoo process step-by-step guide. Now, if you are thinking about a certified artist that can help you get your favorite tattoo, visit the Certified Tattoo Artists. They are the best artists in Colorado Springs that you can always trust.

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