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What Are the Steps for Installing Discovery Sport Roof Rails? 

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You can fit Land Rover Discovery Sport with standard roof bars that increase your car’s load capacity for all your off-road excursions. The overload capacity on such a roof rack is 75kg. A roof rail like this turns your SUV into the ideal outdoor vehicle giving you more versatility on trips. 

SUVs may come with the roof rails as standard, but you may have to install them other times. Getting your Discovery Sport ready for all trips is easy because they fit the vehicle with quick-release mounts that don’t need special tools. Here is a full rundown of the steps to get your roof rails fitted in under an hour. 

1. Getting the Right Roof Rails 

Cargo baskets and roof rails don’t just add cubic meters to your SUV. They also look sleek and add ruggedness to the car’s look. Getting the right rails depends on the vehicle trim, which is essential for you to know. While you can fit universal roof rails on most cars, the land rover roof rail with its unique attachment mechanism needs you to get trim pieces. You are better off spending on the right roof rail than getting one online that you have to replace.   

1. Getting the Right Roof Rails 

2. Roof Rails vs. Roof Racks 

Roof racks such as Land Rover roof rack are meant for more cargo weight. They don’t have the style and look of roof rails, but they will carry all you need on your trip. Roof rails run north-south on the vehicle parallel to the car’s length. They have an aerodynamic look that adds to the car’s aesthetics. 

3. How to Attach Roof Rails to Your Discovery Sport 

With the right roof rack, increasing the capacity of your Discovery Sport is fast. To get you started, you have to take the piece that covers the rail mount off. This piece pops right out, as does the piece on the back. Use a plastic lever-like tool for popping these pieces out. Do this slowly so that you don’t scratch it as you pry underneath to get it to pop. Once you have the cover off, everything looks quite straightforward because you can see where everything goes. Clean any gunk that may have collected under here before you start mounting the rails. 

4. Mounting the Rails 

You will need a T40 torque bit to mount the rails to keep every part nice and tight. First off, you have to unscrew the bolts on the brackets. Loosen these to the back before getting the rails on the roof. Slot the mounting brackets and hold them down with the long screws. 

Now that you have these in place, it is time to hook up the rail pieces. These have parts that snap in place, so they should be reasonably easy to install. Screw in rubber gaskets on the rails before placing them on the car’s roof so that it is faster. These pieces help to keep the rails tight enough without screwing them in too much. This should take you a total of 25 minutes to complete. 

5. Now That You Have the Rails Up 

With the rails already mounted, your Discovery Sport is the complete trip machine. It sure does look nice, but we are not all the way done yet. Remember to cover the rails with matching covers to give the vehicle a clean finish. 

Keep the screws left over safely in case you need them again. The top cover also belongs somewhere safe where you won’t need to interfere with it in any way because, remember, this one breaks easily. 

6. Securing Luggage on Your Roof Rails 

Now that your roof rails are in place, you must always have your luggage fastened tight enough. The last thing you want on your trip is items flying off the roof of your car. It damages your luggage and puts other motorists in danger. Tie-down straps are the best way to go. Unlike rope and elastic straps, these stop your load from shifting as you move. 

Before loading items to your roof rails, ensure that the bars are set wide enough to hold your load. Now put your load on your SUV and start by attaching anchor points to the bars and going over the load with the strap. Tension it to ensure it stays tight enough and pulls the load against bars. Do this when you get to each bar to keep the load firmly held down. 

Remember to attach a red flag to the load if you carry items like kayaks or a ladder that overhangs the vehicle’s rear end. The length you can overhang varies with the car, and the Discovery Sport gives you just under a meter thanks to the tapering back and long wheelbase. 

 If you are carrying flat items, you are likely to face problems with the wing loading that comes from underneath the front. Tie straps along the item to keep it held down tighter, and this should reduce that. It is also canny to stop often to check if your luggage has moved. If so, add more straps to hold it down tighter. 

Final Word 

Trips with the family are much better when you can carry everything you need without leaving some stuff behind. The Discovery Sport is one of the SUVs with robust capabilities when it comes to outdoors tripping. Roof rails like these will help you get the most out of your SUV, whether you are going for a camping trip or driving across the states. 

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