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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook?


Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Facebook is an effective platform which is ready to promote events, products, and businesses from all over the world. It has grown over the years by updating its features and functions, which have attracted the market to get more than one billion active users at present. 

This has become one of the major social media players in today’s world. It is still growing and likely to connect more users in coming time. Moreover, it is a platform that can be operated by any age group, as it is highly easy and convenient to learn its works. 

Like, every coin has two sides, so thus Facebook. It contains both positive and negative elements to look at by its users. It merely depends on the user’s decision to use the application without any regrets. 

First Some Pros:

Build Connections 

Facebook is such a platform that it is considered a great place to build connections over time worldwide. It is easy to learn and operate, which can directly help people to make connections through chatting and knowing each other. 

One can also get connected with their long-distance friends and family by sending messages, photos, and information regarding each other. Finally, one can easily connect to the outside world by just signing over the Facebook and operating the application without any restrictions. 

Marketing Use

The platform can become a very effective marketing tool for many reasons. Here, one can easily grow its business by promoting products and services as this is a huge platform with more than one billion users, which makes it beneficial for the users to know about your products. 

One can also Buy Facebook views through different online content and videos which are made available on the platform. By doing so, one can easily make money and increase the number of connections over time.


Today, you can connect with any person from anywhere by using the Facebook application. This is not only a social networking site anymore as you can perform various better things by making use of the platform like sharing content, earning money, promoting products, etc. 

It helps people get a social network from different users in one place to share their information and contents. It has merely become a source of entertainment for its users to spend time socializing over the internet. 


This is considered the best place to get every type of entertainment. One can easily spend more time without getting bored. Here, one can watch videos, photos, and content that is shared by different pages and people. 

Along with this, it also has a separate game platform where many different categories of games can be played anytime to earn points and rewards in return. This is a full package of entertainment for every user.

Now Some Cons:


This is the first major concern that gives its users addiction to operating the application. People start spending most of their time on Facebook checking feeds and chatting with others. This has generated a new disorder among humans in their bodies and mind. 

Especially among adults and youngsters, the addiction is growing very fast, which becomes difficult to cut back. This made you make-believe living in the virtual world and cut yourself from the real world, which shows a poor impact on their life and career. 

Fake Profiles 

It is very simple and easy to create and operate a fake ID and account on Facebook. There is no limit on making fake profiles, which is getting more chances to be misused. There is no restriction on creating fake profiles, as anyone can build one in order to earn money through Buy FB views, likes, etc. 

This has increased the cases of harassment and abuse, which are spreading over the internet by fake profiles. One should remain away from this trap, as this can cause danger to your identity and information made available. 

Increasing Number Of Scams 

There is an increase in the number of frauds and scams which take place on Facebook as people are getting suspicious messages and emails, which can easily get to hack your account. This is done to get and acquire your personal information to make its misuse. 

Hacking has made very common by getting information and pictures of Facebook users without knowing them. This information can be further misused and operate in different malpractices over the internet. 

Criticism Is Very Common 

There are many Facebook pages and groups which are being created in order to spread criticism and violence among different religions and personalities. This type of activity is very commonly spreading and building a negative environment over the internet. 


As we have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook application, it is important to understand that the use of this application merely depends on its users. If it is used with proper guidance and in the right manner, then there is no harm in using it. 

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