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What Types of Catering Styles Are Best For Large Events?

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If you are planning for events like weddings, corporate events, or conference meets, the first step you consider is the food that you will provide. It is a vital aspect of any event, be it the corporate one or occasions like weddings, etc. There are different varieties of food items such as nachos, pasta, finger food items, pizza, etc, that are served at the events. If you want to arrange any large events, firstly you need to hire professional caterers. For this, you have to understand the different catering services so, you can easily choose the one which is suitable for your events. You need to know about the pricing, available options, catering styles, or the number of caterers required for your events. 

Moreover, if you want to arrange big events in Melbourne, you can hire the service providers of food catering in Melbourne for a successful event. They can effectively guide you regarding different styles of catering services. Afterward, you can choose the styles that are most preferable for wedding ceremonies or other corporate events that you want to host.

In addition, we have mentioned different types of catering styles that you can consider for your upcoming events.

So, let’s check them out!!

Different Styles Of Catering Services For Large Events 

Buffet  Service 

It is one of the most popular styles of catering for any special occasion or event. Whether you are hosting corporate events or any wedding events, buffet catering is always a perfect fit. For this type of service, the servers place the food on the tables and the guests arrive at the buffet to serve food for themselves. It is an easy way to provide food quickly to them. The caterers can decorate the buffet table with proper lighting, and beautifully present your food at an event. Moreover, in this service, there is a wide range of dining options that make your guests happier. It leads to less wastage of food. Additionally, you may hire caterers who serve the food to your visitors on their seats. 

Plated  Catering  Style 

It is another style of catering service that is reserved for wedding ceremonies, formal parties, Christmas parties, award ceremonies, and so on. This service style is formal, fancier, more elegant, and a little more costly than buffet service. In this, the people are saved from self-service. Instead of this, the caterers serve a full plate of meals to your guests at their table. The staff of the catering service providers serves the food to all the available guests. This includes a limited variety of foods such as fish, vegetarian food, desserts, and so on.

Cocktail Style Catering Service 

Cocktail-style service is best for any party or event. If you are planning a wedding ceremony, or any large event then you can hire caterers who provide these services. It gives your guests refreshments and they can enjoy their snacks and drinks. Also, this type of style enables them to mingle and socialize. You can provide them with some snacks, finger foods, or bars and beverages. Moreover, the caterers place top high cocktail tables for the visitors so they will enjoy their food or drinks. The other option is to add bar stools or any table seating for your guests in the party area.

Food Stations Service

Food station catering services have become popular in the past few years. This is similar to the buffet system, a counter that keeps the food warm and your guests receive their dishes from the servers. The caterers offer different varieties of foods and beverages. It is set up in a way so that every individual’s tables have different food items such as pasta, pizza, nachos, and so on. Also, it includes some drinks such as beer, cider, etc. 

Moreover, it enables people to visit different food stations such as ice cream parlors, barbeque counters, hookah corners, waffle stations, and so on. Your guests move around for their meals, which creates great interaction among other people. Also, it produces a less crowded environment so that everyone can enjoy their meal at events. 

Finger Food Type Catering 

This type of catering service is becoming popular at parties or wedding ceremonies because of its good taste and cost-effectiveness. Finger food items include mac and cheese pizza bites, pastries, mini desserts, chicken wings, sausage rolls, and so on. All in all, it provides different flavors and textures of food that people love to eat and enjoy at parties. The servers provide the best service to your guests by moving around with the tray of different food items. Then, they will choose the food according to their preferences and serve it to themselves.

If you are arranging any party or ceremony, you may prefer to choose event catering in Melbourne, which will provide various types of services. These include different varieties of foods or liquor drinks or mocktails etc. They take care of their client’s budgets and provide food items at reasonable prices.

Cafeteria Catering Service 

This type of catering service is similar to the buffet system. The minor difference is that the caterers themselves serve the food to your guests. This catering style is used to control the wastage and portion sizes of food. The people offer the food from caterers and enjoy the meals. This type of catering is less expensive because the food is placed in bulk, and there is no need to design plates and present food.

Moreover, this is beneficial for your guests because they are moving around to get their food items, and can interact with other people, friends, and relatives.


There are different types of catering styles, and you can choose the right ones that are the best according to your needs. Your budget and the mood that you want to create an event are important factors that help you to decide what type of service you use.

Moreover, considering the above points such as the buffet system, cafeteria style, food stations, etc, will help you to determine the best catering service providers that you can hire. Most caterers provide great service to their customers and take care of their budgets.

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