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Top 5 Travel Tips for Baths Lovers


Bath can be a most relaxing experience after a hard day out at work. However, you may miss out on it if you are travelling or living somewhere temporarily. That’s why many people look for accommodation with a bathtub when travelling. Finding hotels having baths is especially preferred by families with young children. While the elderly may also seek a bathtub due to medical reasons or limited mobility. You may love to enjoy a relaxing bath time in a hotel room. You can ensure it by following the tips that we discuss in this blog.

Tip 1. Before You Book, Ask Hotel If Bathtub is Available in the Bathrooms.

While most of the hotel bathrooms are fitted with a bath, it is always better to ask about it forehand. Depending on the type of accommodation booking and your location pretty much decides what type of bathroom you will get. A shower enclosure is more common than a bath in some places, while others may not even have any of these. Many budget accommodations may on have a shower in their bathrooms. If you are going to book a hotel online, you can also check the picture of the rooms or a description to find out whether they have it available.

Tip 1. Before You Book, Ask Hotel If Bathtub is Available in the Bathrooms.

Tip 2. Search Online for the Accommodations with a Bathtub.

Finding the accommodations to stay with a bath can be a lot easier online. For example, there are various booking websites available that can help you filter the rooms with the option of the bathtub. You will only need to use the filter from the amenities list under room facilities. However, you should know that not all rooms may have a bathtub even with a filter. Therefore, you may still need to check the room description for it. Or it is always advisable to get in touch with the hotel if possible.

Tip 3. Keep Bath Essentials with You.

Bath time will not be that enjoyable unless you have all the bath essentials available with you. Though most hotels will provide toiletries, these are not typically designed keeping a bath in mind. For example, you will find many hotels with soap dispensers, so they don’t have to provide separate soaps for everyone. It may be great for the environment, but while such dispensers are usually at standing heights for showers, anyone having a bath may have trouble using them. Moreover, you may not want to use the shower get, soap, or shampoos that the hotel provides due to any reason. So, keeping your shower toiletries with you can be a wise decision.

You may also consider keeping a bath stopper with you as well. It is a small handy thing that clogs water from getting out of the Small baths. The purpose of keeping such unusual things is that most of the budget accommodations have such stoppers missing or partially broken for some reason. So, having a stopper with you can keep you at ease in your time of need.

Tip 4. Learn to Ask about a Bathtub in Different Languages

Although baths are common throughout the world, it is a good idea to learn to request a room attached bathroom with a bath. You usually request such a room at a time booking, but if you know their language, then it will make it a lot easier for you to request it. It is important to note that the world bath may have different meanings in various languages. Even using the bathroom may become confusing for people who don’t have English as a first or second language. It may have a different meaning even in English speaking countries. For example, a bathroom means a washing area with a bathtub in the UK. While on the other hand, it also includes toilets in the United States.

Tip 5. Find the Accommodation That Caters Bath Lovers

You can not ask for more if you can find accommodation that specifically caters the bath lovers. You may have options available with special baths that offer spa like experience. Such places may also include Himalayan pink bath salt, oils, and other spa items too. You may even have options to enjoy a great scenic view while taking a bath. However, it does necessary require you to pay for such accommodations. You can simply search for such accommodations by spending some time online.

So, here are travelling tips for bath lovers. You can still enjoy a great bath experience even when away from home by following our tips.