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Tips for your YouTube marketing campaign


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We share tips, testimonials, and an infographic to help you with the adventure of growing your business with the potential of YouTube marketing.

Undoubtedly, differentiation is key to standing out in the thick of the wild jungle of ads that the network has become.

YouTube videos are an alternative that is making a growing difference in marketing.


The simplicity of searching by keywords is one of the main advantages of video marketing since, in addition to the search engine of the video platform, it can also be searched on Google. This allows videos related to your business’s products and services to appear in suggested results with certain keywords that connect with the targeted audience more precisely.

However, the potential of YouTube requires a well-planned and executed strategy so that the objectives are met. Let’s see some of them.

The format

It is not science; Finding the appropriate format for marketing to have resulted is trial and error because there are niches that require formats that other niches do not.

What are the different formats? Vlogs, tutorials, interviews, and product reviews.


One of the most significant advantages of YouTube video marketing is that they do not require high budgets or professionals with years of experience to create them. Common sense, a clear objective, and a smartphone are enough to achieve a good product that impacts the desired audience.

A technical tip to ensure optimal quality is to ensure good lighting and clear sound, In addition to using a tripod so that the camera remains firm and avoids movements.

The Internet has free software for simple video editing, adding titles, and correcting errors.

Keep in mind that less is more for video marketing. Therefore, we recommend that they not exceed 4 minutes in length, especially if you are also going to share them on your social networks.

The keywords

The keywords or keywords must be directly related to the content of the video and must be placed in the title, description, and tags. 

These keywords allow the search engine to match them when users search for related videos. Viewing the videos of your competition can be helpful to know the most used keywords.

The content of the video must be attractive to viewers, considering that they may be potential consumers of your products or services; That is why it is also essential that they include a call to action to motivate them to contact each other “hot.”

Engagement not sales

The videos do not have as a central objective to be a sales tool; rather, they are generators of engagement. 

A well-made video does not generate sales but leads, so viewers must have quick and easy access to your website, blog, landing page, and social networks.

When viewers sign in, make sure you get them to leave their contact information.

You can also encourage people to post your video on their social networks or blog or even share it directly among their groups of friends.

Active presence

As in any other social network, the possibilities of generating contacts and business require an active presence. When they comment on one of your videos, reply and thank them quickly; the same if someone asks any questions. Engagement improves more when you also take the time to comment on your followers’ videos.

Creating playlists is another recommended technique for your video marketing strategy. These lists, which may include videos from third parties and their own, are grouped by similar topics, becoming a source of training and information for those interested.


The rise of marketing through videos on YouTube overloaded the social network with similar proposals, so promotion became a necessary tool to position your videos, differentiate yourself from the competition, and ensure reasonable viewing rates. Also, share them on your blog, your website, posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the newsletter.

Beyond the theories, tips, and tutorials we can share, it is good to know the experience of those entrepreneurs who are encouraged to market on YouTube.