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Things You Need To Know About Organic Raw Honey

Organic Raw Honey

Well, Raw Honey is nature’s magical gift to mankind! Over the centuries, people have been consuming this natural sweetener as a potent liquid in various forms. With health-enriching and medicinal properties, it is utilized worldwide.

Are you wondering about its characteristics? Here, in this article, we have discussed every fact you must know about organic raw honey, its properties, health benefits, and unique features. Keep reading it to have a clear idea in detail!

What Is Organic Raw Honey?

The word “Raw honey” signifies that the honey directly extracts from the beehive without undergoing any further processing. However, for 100% organic honey, there are many conditions.

You can call it “organic raw honey only when honey is collected from the bees that feed only on the flower plants grown organically. Additionally, there should not be any traces of herbicides and pesticides in it.

Characteristics Of Organic Raw Honey

There are multiple characteristics of organic raw honey which depend on the composition of the beehives, quality of honey, etc. Let’s learn in detail:

●     Apiaries Location:

Traditionally, the location of organic beehives should be away from urban areas, extensive cultivation zones, or any contaminated place. They are usually located in hilly areas where there is purity all around. Hence, beekeepers can assure the good quality of honey better.

●     Beehives Composition:

Typically, beehives are built completely in a natural manner. There should not be any use of petroleum by-products or some other products that might cause harm to bees.

●     Bees Feeding:

For the organic honey certification, it is vital that bees must get their nourishment from the honey and pollen they produce themselves. No need to feed them with glucose or any coloring agent, as the consequences can be changes in the final taste of honey. In addition, the results can be low-quality honey.

●     Pests And Infections Treatment:

Beekeepers must use natural treating solutions like oxalic acids or eco-friendly products to cure pests or diseases. They should never use antibiotics, chemicals, or insecticides, as these can pass to the honey and eventually to the human body.

●     Organic Raw Honey Extraction:

Traditionally, the extraction of honey is done in cold conditions, using the decanting procedure. To prevent the loss of its nutritional properties, there should be a conservative filtration of the honey, avoiding pasteurization. This is very essential as during the filtration process only the actual aroma and substance is obtained that indicates the authenticity of the honey.

Preparation Process Of Organic Raw Honey

Once the beekeepers complete the bees harvesting, the extraction of honey starts from the honeycombs. Then, it undergoes straining which removes left wax, dead bees, and other unnecessary particles.

Most importantly, during the raw honey-making process, beekeepers keep the well-being of bees, sustainable beekeeping practices, and organic livestock standards into consideration. It means the plants, flowers, and hives should have no contamination of any type of chemicals or antibiotics. Additionally, they must be far away from the surroundings having traces of any chemicals.

Moreover, the certified beekeepers assure to maintain the natural quality of the honey by extracting and packaging them with proper care. Besides this, the most satisfactory way to know if you are choosing high-quality raw honey is by checking the ingredient lists. Always remember that 100% organic raw honey contains no additives, preservatives, or added colors and ingredients.

How Is Organic Raw Honey Different From Regular Honey?

Extraction From Natural Beehives:

Organic raw honey is always tested under organic standards. In addition, it has the approval of governing certification authorities which ensure no residue of chemicals or pesticides is present.

Also, it assures the beekeeping process meets all the strict monitoring and testing standards and makes sure the beehives are completely chemical-free.

High-Quality Taste:

Organic raw honey tastes superior in comparison to regular processed honey. It has a refined fragrance and flavors of wild grass and flowers in it. Hence, this characteristic is making consumers pay a good amount of money to purchase the tastier and healthier superfood.

Unique Color And Texture:

People can evidently have the idea of the purity of raw honey by its color and texture. Typically, organic raw honey is clear and thick. It appears in the color “dark yellow”. Additionally, sometimes it can be a little bit white cloudy due to the natural process of crystallization.

No Expiry Date:

Honey with no added ingredients or chemicals will never expire! That makes the shelf life of organic raw honey limitless. However, it can undergo crystallization and harden during winter. It is because, glucose present in it emerges out in cold weather, leading to hard texture.

Whenever you need to consume it, just put the bottle of raw honey in a bowl containing warm water. When it gets back to its liquid state, it is ready to go over your bread, into your favorite smoothies, and many more meals!

Summing Up

We hope you thoroughly learn every fact about organic raw honey. So, make sure to list it in your healthy eating plan. When consumed one spoon a day, it greatly impacts the well-being of the people, assuring good health.

Do start having the raw honey in hot water on an empty stomach or in smoothies or yogurt. Definitely, you will experience positive results in a few days.

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