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Steps to migrate to Germany from Dubai

Migrate to Germany

People are leaving their home countries in more significant numbers today for better prospects and a brighter future. Germany is currently the second country where people are looking for employment that is significantly better than their current ones. A specific process must be followed to move from one country to another. Germany always welcomes foreign nationals to address these employment openings in STEM disciplines with decent pay. It’s important to note that Germany needs workers badly to meet its labor market demands. Therefore, people from all over the world are looking for a way to immigrate to Germany. In this article, we’ll go over the straightforward procedure to migrate to Germany from Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria for Germany Immigration

A minimum score of 75 points is needed to qualify for a Germany job seeker visa, and 100 points are required to qualify for a Germany permanent residence visa. The requirements for the Germany Work Visa include:

German language proficiency (minimum level required: A2): 25–50 points

Up to the second degree of blood relatives in Baden-Württemberg: 50 points

50 points for a prior German residence

Prior residence in an EU nation: 25 points

English or French language proficiency: 25 points

You will be qualified to enter the pool of applicants as soon as you satisfy the abovementioned educational and linguistic requirements and receive 100 points (or more). Employers in Germany will have access to these applications. You will be given a permission letter to apply for entry into Germany, acquire the permit, and accept the employment offer. 

Requirements for Germany immigration from Dubai

The prerequisites for obtaining a Germany immigration or Germany work visa is

Age: The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Educational requirements: The applicant must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree comparable to the degree awarded by a German university.

Experience in the workplace: The applicant must have at least 5–6 years of experience in the field.

German language proficiency: Applicants must have at least a B1 level of competency in the language.

Proof of funds: Applicants must present documentation that shows they have the money to cover their expenditures and stay in Germany.

Medical insurance: Applicants are required to obtain medical insurance for their stay up until receiving a work visa permit, which entails having it for six months.

Procedure to migrate to Germany from Dubai

Check for Eligibility

First and foremost, determine whether you qualify for German immigration. To be eligible for Germany immigration, you must receive at least 75 points. To increase your chances of obtaining a Germany PR visa, you must receive at least 100 points.

Appointment at the German embassy

Prepare by making a list of the prerequisites before scheduling a German immigration appointment.

Applying in Country of Residence

A Germany Job Seeker Visa costs €75 to process. It is required to pay the corresponding sum in local currency. A German Permanent Residency can take a few days to several weeks to process.

Apply for a Germany residence permit

Schedule a meeting with the Foreigners’ Authority. To obtain a residence visa to work in Germany, apply. Remember that a residence permit must be requested before the entry visa expires.

Whatever your motivation, you must meet the following qualifying conditions if you want to move to Germany:

Financial stability

You must demonstrate that you have the means to sustain yourself while you are studying in Germany by meeting several economic conditions. If you have a job offer and are moving to Germany, you still need the first cash to cover living expenses until you receive your first paycheck.

Health insurance

Before entering the nation, you must obtain health insurance coverage.

Basic knowledge of German

You must have a basic understanding of German, typically at the B1 level. For permanent residency in Germany, C1 or C2 level competency is required.

Relocating from Dubai to Germany

You must take care of your visa, permits, and other necessary documents to bring into the nation months before your actual moving-in date. You must also confirm that you are familiar with the rules on customs for the things you intend to bring into the nation. Your chances of experiencing a smooth and less stressful transition increase with the length of your preparation. Make sure they will only be used for personal purposes if you plan to move household products and personal belongings from Dubai to Germany. 

You may also bring your automobile or other vehicles if you intend to use them for personal use. You will undoubtedly find yourself in difficulty once the customs officials learn that you want to sell these autos. You must therefore resolve this issue right now. You may legally import an airplane into the country if you demonstrate that it was registered in your name. If you need to bring items into the country for work or trade, you may do so for free if you plan to use them for profit. Otherwise, admittance into the nation will be refused.

Before you board a flight for Germany, you must also gather the following documents: your birth certificate, bank statements, medical records, proof of healthcare, and your diploma. These documents are critical for entry and other crucial business objectives in the nation.


Due to its many economic prospects, superior social services, excellent educational system, and plenty of leisure activities, Germany is a dream location for people from other nations. In addition, the cost of living is far lower than in other first-world countries, as are the rental rates, property values, and additional charges. So, if you want to live in a developed nation yet have a low cost of living, you should consider moving to Germany. This article concludes the Dubai, Germany immigration services.

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