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Short Guide on How to Choose the Best Sales Courses for Your Team

Sales Courses

Sales courses are to selling, what gym time is to bodybuilding. Your salespeople may have a natural knack for selling but, without consistent training, they are unlikely to perform at a high level on the regular. 

Sales training courses not only develop the existing skills of your sales team but also target and strengthen the weaker skills. However, with new sales training programs popping out week after week, how do you settle on one that’s good for your team? Here are some pointers.

Your Sales Needs

A typical sales process is made up of:

  • prospecting
  • connection
  • qualification
  • pitching
  • handling objections
  • closing
  • onboarding
  • nurturing

By taking a closer look at how your sales team operates at the different levels of the sales process, you can identify where your team needs the most support. The answer will help you navigate the overcrowded world of sales courses. For instance, if most of your leads are getting disqualified, then it’s likely that your team isn’t targeting the right customer. Revamping your prospecting process can be a step in the right direction.

Also, reflect on your priorities. Suppose your biggest concerns are closing more deals, improving sales funnel efficiency, or cutting down sales cycles. Whatever the case, think about how these priorities fit into your team’s struggles and look for a training course that can address them accordingly.

Not a One-Time Event

Even when you find an outstanding sales course, it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes and ears open for any new training programs, especially if your first course is just a one-off. New programs can offer the latest approaches to selling and developing valuable skills, tools, and techniques. This can help propel you above your competitors and win more sales.

Also, new sales courses keep the knowledge your team gained fresh and sharp. According to the Richardson Sales Performance Training Company, 84% of the information learned during training sessions is usually forgotten within 90 days of the course’s end. Without consistent reinforcement, all that time and effort put in for the first course could be going down the drain. 

Custom is Better

There’s rarely a one-size-fits-all in any type of learning scenario and sales training is hardly an exception. Often off-the-shelf training programs don’t address what the individual salesperson already knows and their unique experience and so, learners can find it hard to relate to the material. 

A series of semi-custom training sessions can offer your team a sweeping understanding of how they, can go about their sales process. Therefore, look into courses that are both flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Practice to Make Perfect

According to ES Research, about 90% of all sales training has little to no lasting impact on professional behavior. Why? A lot of training courses take a “dump information” approach and rarely reinforce what the sales reps learn through practice. Also, a theory-only method can often get boring and tiresome, which doesn’t help in information retention. 

Find a course with a strong focus on practice. This course might include interactive elements, such as:

  • role-playing between reps
  • team-building activities
  • gamification

Ask Around

Even if the course seems to tick every box, there is still one more step you can take to ensure that what you are paying for will deliver what it promises. Past customers are a tremendous insight into the service you are about to buy. They’ve been there, they’ve done it, and they live to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

One way you can tap into past customer experience is by reading customer testimonials. These are available either on the course page or through other online databases where the course is listed. While at it, don’t forget to also peep at Facebook and Google reviews. You can even take a step further and get a hold of a few customers for a longer chat.

Some ideas for talking points with past customers can be:

  • their objectives for taking the course
  • how the course material lined up with these objectives
  • whether or not the training impacted their sales performance
  • their experience with the course provider

The Best Sales Course Awaits

There might be an ocean of sales courses out there but, at the end of the day, you need to find those that work for you and your team. Knowing what to look for will certainly make the hunt much less daunting. 

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