Kashmir is not the only place for trekking in different valleys and wandering in the laps of nature. Kashmir is Jannat, Kashmir is the actual paradise of India which is highly known for its god-gifted natural beauty but also for its royal authentic tradition and architecture. You can take a budget trip to Kashmir as well as travel wildly in the tradition of Kashmir.

We can spend your nights in houseboats as well as at campsites. You can live in huts and enjoy the internal beauty of a village as well as roam in Mughal gardens. These all are included in just one trip. You can also experience peace and silence of the soul by meditating while listening to traditional music and many such fun activities. It is the mini Switzerland where you can hear your blood rush and heartbeat daily. Due to many conflicts in political views, many have misconceptions about Kashmir. In this article, we will clear all your doubts and will show you the royalness of Kashmir.

There are many things one can experience while traveling in Kashmir that you have never experienced.

 Kabootar valley 

Kabootar valley is known for skiing points and sledding. It is one life moment one can enjoy. If you are not a trained person for skiing it would not be a point of worry because double-decker skiing is available for you. Here you can freely enjoy every bit of life, and scream the soul out of it. There are so many to choose from that you will fall for choices.

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Sightseeing in Srinagar

Sightseeing in Kashmir is a great idea if you love the internal culture of the place where you visit. You will experience different attire as well as local food. People are great with tourists and will welcome you warmly. Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir with magnificent Mughal gardens. You will also enjoy the aesthetic and silence of hazratbal mosque and Jama masjid. The powerful and pristine Jhelum river will give you a hormone rush in your body. If you love flowers you should go to a tulip garden named Indira Gandhi memorial tulip garden. This will be a delightful experience, and if you visit in April when the tulip festival is celebrated it would be the cherry on the cake. 


Gulmarg is famous for its meadow of flowers, the attractive and magical color in summer seems like a carpet on the ground. Here you will enjoy a cable car ride known as Gondola. It will take you to a high snow-capped mountain which will please your eyes and soul with attractive sights. Gulmarg is the only place where you will find an igloo cafe, so you must pay a visit there to chill and warm your body.

 Dal Lake

Dal lake is the most famous place to visit in Kashmir. 

This lake will make you fascinated. you would have experienced dal lake scenery in movies because many movies have been filmed over here. It will take you back to your 20’s.

The beautiful gift is a memory, you can send postcards to your family and friends from the only floating post office in India. If you missed the overnight stay in a houseboat you will regret it forever, because houseboats are heritable properties here you will experience the royalness of Kashmir. You will feel like staying in a 5-star hotel because the vibes are so refreshing over there 

Wular lake is the largest freshwater lake where you can spend your quality time just reading or observing nature.


If you love olden architecture you must visit Pari Mahal also called the Palace of fairies it is called peer mahal. It is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture at the time of shah Jahan. It was built around the 1700 century. And it owns seven beautiful terraces and a mesmerizing garden around it. It is said that this place was built for haano and maano. Afterward, it was used as a teaching center where astronomy and astrology were taught. After all this, finally, it is with the government of Jammu and Kashmir.

After talking about all the places where one should visit there is still some confusion among travelers as to whether to visit these places or not. Kashmir is a real heaven of the world and we have attracted as many travelers as possible because all these people need our support and love. For giving us a break from your daily hectic schedule you should travel here and we are sure it will take place in your heart.

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