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Orthodontist Vs. Dentist: Who Should You See?

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Many people wonder if there’s any difference between an orthodontist and a dentist. The answer is yes; there are significant differences in how they approach dental care, how much each type of dentist charges, what they provide patients with and more. If you’re looking to find the best orthodontist near me or need information on the basics of orthodontics vs. dentistry, read on to learn more about the differences between these two professionals.

Orthodontist And A Dentist: What’s The Difference?

An orthodontist is a dentist who studies teeth, jaw, head, and neck movement to fix problems with smiles, bites, crooked teeth, and other dental abnormalities. And while dentists can also provide orthodontic care, they don’t necessarily have training on the finer points of orthognathic surgery or know what they’re doing when it comes to more severe craniofacial conditions. So if you’re looking for one of the best orthodontists near me that specializes in this type of care, then you want to make sure you find a dentist certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.

How To Choose The Best Orthodontist Near Me?

Choosing the best orthodontist can be challenging, with so many options to choose from. Looking at some factors that matter most to you to find the best orthodontist near me is essential. Do you prefer someone who will answer your questions? Is someone flexible in their office hours? Somewhere comfortable? Would you like an orthodontist or dentist instead? An emergency walk-in dentist near me might be perfect for those busy people on the go!

Why Should I Choose An Orthodontist Vs. Dentist?

Choosing the best orthodontist near me, as opposed to any general dentist, is one of the most brilliant things you can do for oral health. Dentists are specialists in fixing teeth; orthodontists are specialists in maintaining them. An orthodontist provides the best walk-in dentist near me with dental treatment services, including administering braces and advising on other forms of preventive care. In some cases, only an orthodontist can provide treatment to move teeth into the correct position.

How Long Does Treatment Take With A General Dentist Vs. An Orthodontist?

Emergency walk-in dentist near me or the best orthodontist near me? Your choice depends on what you need, but the first thing to consider is how long treatment will take. With braces from an orthodontist near me, it’s usually between 12 and 18 months. At your general dentist’s office, treatment time for braces can be less than nine months.

Just because treatment is quicker with your general dentist doesn’t mean it’s not as good of quality. Many orthodontists at their practice will start by getting patients in for consultation visits so they can perform more minor procedures right away before deciding which course of action would be best.

Is Straightening My Teeth Painful For A General Dentist Vs. An Orthodontist?

Nope! Both orthodontists and dentists offer the same type of pain management. They will use nitrous oxide to numb your mouth before they start the procedure, making the experience more comfortable. Other types of local anesthesia include topical gel, freezing agents (like lidocaine), and needle injections.
How can I tell which dentist is best for me? (seven sentences) When finding a dentist right for you, consider how far away they are from your home or work, what kind of insurance they accept, nice they are, and how good their reviews are. Having all this information at your fingertips will help narrow down who to call first.

Can My Kid Get Braces From A Regular Dentist Or Only From An Orthodontist?

In most cases, your orthodontist will be a specialist who only works with teeth, which means that they typically only work with adults and do not offer regular dental services. If your child has crooked teeth, you might want to consult one of the best orthodontists near me for help before those problems worsen. They’ll be able to tell you if your kids can walk-in dentist near me or if they need to see an orthodontist.

What If We Can’t Afford To See Both Kinds Of Doctors At Once — What Then?

Are you looking for an emergency walk-in dentist near me, the best orthodontist near me? If so, I want to give you some tips on how to choose one. It may seem easy since there are just two kinds of doctors, but it’s not always that simple. Below are some things to think about. First, the most important thing is to find a doctor who will have time for you when you need them most, whether at night or on weekends. Secondly, do they have time for emergencies? Nothing is worse than waiting hours or days before being seen by your dentist or orthodontist again.

When Should My Kids Get Braces?

The best age to start bracing is when your child’s adult teeth start coming in, between six and eight years old. However, you can wear them with specialist consultation as early as age four. Keep in mind that it takes at least two years of treatment to complete treatment with braces. If you start them too early, there may not be enough room for all their adult teeth when the time comes for them to come in! Once you decide on the best orthodontist near me in your area, schedule regular follow-ups so your orthodontist can check how their teeth are progressing and ensure that their jaw isn’t growing too quickly — which could potentially result in having to wear braces for a more extended period.

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