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What Is Mahogany Obsidian? Types, Benefits, Uses, Properties and More

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is a type of volcanic glass with typically mahogany-colored bands. It derives its name from its resemblance to the reddish-brown wood of the tropical hardwood species “Swietenia macrophylla,” also known as mahogany.

Mahogany obsidian, also referred to as liquid mahogany, is a deep-black stone with streaks of brown or gold. It can be polished to a glossy shine, much like ombré hair. The color comes from tiny flecks of iron oxide in the rock. When it’s cut into cabochons and polished, the black contrasts beautifully with the golden brown colors that show through.

Where does it come from?

Mahogany obsidian formed about 20 million years ago when an underwater volcano erupted near an island now known as Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. When the lava cooled off, it created long strings of glassy rock. Over time, the softer stone surrounding the volcanic glass eroded, leaving behind a solid black stone.

Mahogany obsidian was first discovered by Lyman H. Granger and G.R. Rossman at the Gila River Valley along the border between Arizona and New Mexico. It was reported for the first time as a result of their geological investigations from 1965-1966. 

How is mahogany obsidian formed?

In its natural state, it can be sporadic and expensive to come by. Some places are found in seams of lava mixed with soft sedimentary rock that erodes more quickly than hard basalt lava flows. When mining companies find this type of site, they go in and mine about 80% or so of what’s there until all that’s left is the veins of obsidian surrounded by softer rock. They then crush up all the surrounding material until just the mahogany obsidian remains to be pulverized.

Types of Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is one of three naturally occurring colors in Minecraft. It comes in six types: red, yellow, blue, cyan (light blue), purple, and black. All types spawn in all biomes except desert temples.

  • Red mahogany obsidian only spawns below level 32 in jungle biomes within 50 blocks of sea level. Near the water, it may generate at any level, but above level 32 consistently below Y=64. The red color is caused by the presence of lapis lazuli in this variation.
  • Yellow mahogany obsidian only spawns within 50 blocks of sea level in desert biomes. It can be found above level 32 near sand and at any height below it. This type’s color is caused by the presence of orange dye in addition to lapis lazuli, which overrides its effect.
  • Blue mahogany obsidian only spawns below level 32 within 50 blocks of a lava source in jungle biomes with an average temperature over 18°C (65°F). Above that, it never occurs, even at all heights up to Y=255. Its coloration comes about because lapis lazuli is present, but the layer below it isn’t sand, so orange dye can’t override the lapis lazuli’s blue.
  • Cyan mahogany obsidian only spawns in extreme hills biomes (a variant of mountains) between Y=32 and Y=79, with grass or snow on top. It has a gradient of cyan to light-blue caused by lapis lazuli over an aquamarine stone background color.
  • Purple mahogany obsidian has no specific requirements for its spawning aside from existing in the same world as blue mahogany obsidian, which overrides its effect. It can be found anywhere above or at level 32 within 50 blocks of sea level in jungle biomes with an average temperature over 18°C (65°F). Its color is caused by blue mahogany obsidian’s effect with red dye or lapis lazuli.
  • Black mahogany obsidian can be found anywhere in a jungle biome, even above level 128. It has no unique properties aside from overriding most other colors’ effects, making an entirely black piece of stone that can’t be used for building.

What are its properties?

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This stone is said to deepen the connection with the earth, helping one ground their energy. It’s also considered a very protective stone, guarding against negative energies while encouraging positive vibrations. It brings about feelings of happiness and general well-being. It has been used as a stone of courage as it energetically increases physical strength and endurance. When placed on the Third Eye Chakra, it assists in opening intuition and psychic abilities, making one more aware of their surroundings. It’s not just for decoration!

The ancients valued this gemstone for its protective properties and powerful metaphysical attributes. Ancient American cultures, such as the Aztecs, used it in sacrificial rituals, believing that the stone could communicate with their gods. The Mayans also created sculptures and other art pieces made from mahogany obsidian as far back as 1,500 BC. These civilizations initially prized it for its ability to protect them from danger.

Unlike other gems, this one is said to bring about health benefits beyond what’s usually associated with stones and crystals. It has been used in healing rituals around the world for centuries. For example, many gemstone healers feel that it can help detoxify the body – primarily through the colon – and repair any damage done to the kidneys and liver.

It is also believed to have a balancing effect on one’s hormones. This makes it a powerful tool for healing issues related to puberty, menopause, PCOS, weight gain, or infertility.

Uses of Mahogany Obsidian

This stone aids in the process of decision-making and brings about change. It helps us stay centered and focused on our own needs and those of others, rather than focusing on material things such as money or possessions.

 Mahogany obsidian strengthens our willpower and understanding of how we can create anything we desire both materially and spiritually. Mahogany obsidian has a grounding effect, helps us connect with our animal nature, and shows how we can transform negative into positive. It stimulates the chakras of the base, sacral, solar plexus, and crown.

There are so many ways to use this type of stone! Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Wearing it as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket there is an infinite number of styles you can choose from, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Just make sure that the setting is made from either sterling silver or gold plated zinc alloy metal. This will help protect the stone from the elements and ensure that you’re beautiful full of mahogany obsidian lasts a long time.
  • Placing it in an area where you need extra protection, such as near the front door or on top of your desk at work. When placed in one’s bedroom, it protects against nightmares while simultaneously encouraging pleasant dreams.
  • Making it part of your household altar It can represent either the Goddess or God, depending on what type of metaphysical practice you are practicing. Place some candles around it along with pictures or statues representing this deity(s), then sit before them while meditating.

What are its benefits?

There are several health benefits associated with using mahogany obsidian, especially when using it for metaphysical purposes.

It’s known as a “Grounding Stone,” so wearing or carrying this stone on you can help keep your emotions balanced and stable. -It is an excellent stone to use during meditation as it helps one remain focused and open up to new ideas. There’s no need for complicated “guided meditations” either. Hold the stone in your hands (or place it on top of your third eye) while breathing deeply until you feel that connection taking place.

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